A few weeks ago I posted that a couple of travel circumstances had emerged that would see me flying several American Airlines flights in and out of Atlanta beginning in April and continuing through May. While I have a few more flights to take, including the completion of the trip I’m on right now and flying American’s new ATL-LAX nonstop next week, I think an update is in order.

Initial Impressions

Each of the flights I have taken so far has been on time, staffed with courteous and professional crew, and operated with either brand new or at least clean aircraft with decent amenities. The A319 I’m on right now, while tight in coach, is very comfortable in first class where I’m seated. Speaking of first class, I’m at a 66 percent upgrade rate as an AAdvantage Gold at the moment. While I likely won’t clear on my connecting flight today, I expect both of my Saturday flights to clear which will increase my upgrade percentage to 75 percent. Frankly, I’m pleased with that!

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 3.28.01 PM

On Originating in Atlanta with American

American Airlines has gates on Concourse T in Atlanta (Concourse D if flying US metal). The T concourse is superbly convenient with its own security checkpoint, and a PreCheck line that rarely requires more than 3 minutes to clear, Monday mornings excepted, of course. In fact, I frequently head straight to the north TSA checkpoint PreCheck line even if flying Delta because it’s far less over-subscribed compared to the south checkpoint. American’s Admirals Club is located adjacent to T-11, is rarely stuffed to the gills with people, has plenty of power outlets, fast wi-fi, and most helpful of all, is staffed with a team AAngels to assist you if you run into issues with your flights. I’ve yet to visit the ticket counter or check a bag, so I can’t speak to counter assistance or baggage delivery, but I may test checked baggage performance next weekend when returning from LAX.

The Bottom Line

This isn’t some “fly off” for me between American and Delta. I’m not “leaving” Delta. In fact, I flew home on Delta last night. I was number 10 of 44 on the upgrade list as a Platinum Medallion from the metropolis of Richmond, Virginia if you were wondering. I have to admit that little things like that have begun to have a bit of a “mental impact” on my travel choices. If the last few weeks are any indication, American and AAdvantage can work for me in Atlanta.