A quick review of the American Airlines A319-EOW. According to what I read the EOW means it is equipped with life rafts and life jackets so it can fly over water.

I haven’t flown on an American Airlines plane that has TV sets in the seats in quite a while. Of course seeing as this flight was from DFW to San Antonio the flight was less than an hour so I couldn’t use it much.

a screen with a picture of a man on it

The sign says 1 hour and 18 minutes but in the air is only about 48 minutes with the rest of the time for taxiing.

a screen with a woman on it



According to the American Airlines site this is version 2 of their A319’s.



I boarded in group 3 so was on board early.

a group of people walking through an airplane

I enjoy seeing the cockpit as I board. Reminds me of olden days when the cockpit door was left open and you could stand and watch the pilots flying.

a man in a cockpit of an airplane

First class in these planes is only 2 rows and 8 seats.

a group of people on an airplane

Small overhead bag storage, not the new bigger ones.

a group of people in an airplane

I sat in seat 5A the second row from the front in economy. Preferred seating so the rows have extra leg space. There are 3 power plugs available, one for each seat.

a person's legs in a seat


Safety instructions:

American now has a new safety video. The previous one was fun but had been out for quite a few years so interesting to see what the new one will look like.

AA staff members making shapes and giving safety instructions. It is actually quite a nice video.

a group of people standing in a circle

The safety card is the same one they have been using since October 2022. I suppose adding life jackets and life rafts doesn’t change much about safety instructions on board.

a blue and white book on a grey surface

The monthly entertainment card lists the new films and entertainment options available for viewing in January.

a black and white brochure with text and images a black and white brochure with images of people

Drinks and snack available on board. When I requested one they did not have a Fruit and Cheese plate available. Pity!  I was able to enjoy a vodka and orange before landing.

a menu of a grocery store



This was the view of the engine in flight and the next picture is the engine on landing with the air brakes open to help with slowing down.

a white airplane wing on a rainy day

I always find it interesting to watch the braking procedures. When it is raining you get interesting patterns created by the wind.

an airplane wing with a propeller


That was the end of the short flight. I  do enjoy the different planes I get to fly around the United States. The A319, A320, A321, 737-800 and all the different variants.

I hope you get to enjoy your flying experiences like I do. Airlines do a great job in getting us to fun places.