The news has arrived, Sweden’s Amapola Flyg will be taking over the Dublin to Donegal Public Service Obligation route vacated with the demise of Stobart Air. In even better news, they will be operating the venerable Dutch built Fokker 50 turboprop!

Donegal airport in the north-west of Ireland is regularly voted as having one of the most scenic approaches in the world. This new service should be a magnet for locals and aviation geeks alike.

Amapola Flyg Schedule and Fares

The new Fokker 50 services between Donegal and Dublin will operate twice daily. On weekdays, departures from Donegal will be at 08:20 and 16:40, while flights from Dublin will leave at 15:10 and 18:20.

Weekend services are a little different with the 50 minute or so flights leaving the north west at 10:25 and 14:25, and leaving the capital at 13:05 and 15:40. Tickets are priced as low as €55 each way.

Amapola Fokker 50 Videos

There is a video running for just over 14 minutes below which covers a service from Stockholm to Hemavan and back, from the cockpit. It is a real insight into the operation of the Dutch aircraft, with some excellent views as well.

Fokker 50 heavy maintenance and support is undertaken in Malmö in Sweden by Amapola Flyg, who also work for other airlines around the world. As one of their employees says, “We call it the Volvo of the air – it’s a bit heavy, it’s a bit chunky, but it always flies and it always works.”

The short five minute video above shows around their maintenance hangar. Amapola also have one of the few Fokker 50 simulators in the world, so they are serious about the aircraft.

Overall Thoughts

I am beyond excited to have the chance to fly on a Fokker 50 in Ireland. I’ve already been to the Amapola website to scope out a potential trip, so it will happen and soon.

For those wondering, the true Fokker heaven is Australia, where countless Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 jets, along with a few Fokker 50s are still flying regularly. Unfortunately I missed the chance to fly the one Fokker 50 route from Adelaide to Olympic Dam, so this will more than make up for it.

What do you think of Amapola being awarded the Dublin to Donegal PSO route? Will you be taking a trip? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia Commons.