Though some miAloft Introght refer to them as “Motel 6s for hipsters and yuppies”, I see Aloft Hotels as the most efficient airport hotel in the market.  Not only are Aloft Hotels typically practical, but they’re also modern, clean, comfortable, and are home to some of the nicest people in the SPG Hotel network.  I’ve stayed at well over ten Aloft properties at this point and I yet to find a bad egg.  When I discovered that I would have to spend a night near DFW, I immediately booked a room at the aLoft in Las Colinas.


The "Splash" Pool

The “Splash” Pool

The Itinerary 

Arrival Date: April 22, 2016

Departure Date: April 23, 2016

Room: Aloft 2 Queen Beds

Rate: SPG Weekend Promotional Rate

Points Earned: ~200

Location: Las Colinas, TX

The Hotel


I had requested SPG Keyless and even brought my old Galaxy S4 (one of the few compatible devices) so I could one, earn 500 SPG points and two, look super cool using my phone as a key.  I also had hoped to bypass the front desk.  Unfortunately, my request was not answered until check-in, and Texas is one of the many states that requires some form ID upon check-in.  By requiring an ID to release the key to the guest pretty much defeats the purpose. So, though I was hoping to use keyless it just didn’t work out how I expected.

Aside from not being able to take part in SPG Keyless, the front desk agent who checked me in was very welcoming and attentive.  She was professional and most importantly, seemed pretty happy to be working.  After I was handed my key and briefed on hotel amenities, I made my way to my Loft.

SPG Keyless Promo

SPG Keyless Promo

The Room:

I don’t typically settle on a room located on the first floor for many reasons.  One; first floor rooms lack privacy, two; they’re loud, and three; I like to have some type of view.  Unfortunately, the hotel was completely booked for the night, and because I had arrived later than most, I lost the opportunity to select a room on a higher floor.  However, on the plus side, the first-floor ceilings are relatively tall, the ceilings in first-floor guest rooms are 12ish feet high.  These high ceilings made the room feel more modern and more luxurious compared to the standard 8 to 9-foot ceilings found on other guest floors.

Enjoying Loft 105

Enjoying Loft 105

The room I chose featured two Aloft queen beds.  Though the Aloft bed doesn’t beat out those found at Westin and renovated Sheraton properties, it’s so comfortable that even a light sleeper will be able to enjoy a good night’s rest.  The sheets were clean, and the pillows weren’t overly soft nor were they too hard.  This is one reason I love Aloft hotels; that is, Alofts are always consistent in what’s offered

The Aloft bathroom is the epitome of hipster-loft living.  Found within every guest bathroom at every Aloft hotel is:  a modern bowl sink, a (non-locking) sliding door that partitions the vanity from the shower area, Bliss amenities, shoe cubbies, and a closet built into the main room partition.  The whole room flows nicely.  Not only is the room designed with the modern traveler in mind but they’re also kept clean.  The floor, toilet, bedroom, closet, and vanity were all spotless upon arrival.

As for the shower, Aloft hotels offer one of the nicest stand-up showers for mid-range/budget hotels.  Constructed out of tile, enclosed with frosted glass, and furnished with a modern and powerful Kohler showerhead, the guest showers are truly a five-star amenity.  Unfortunately, Aloft hotels don’t offer mini-shampoos and body wash rather;<,> they have Bliss shampoo and body wash dispensers hanging on the wall of the shower.  This means that you won’t have the option to bring some goodies home with you after your stay.

Other in-room amenities include a 42 inch TV, an insane amount of AC and USB outlets, a desk, leather bench, guest climate controls, and a retro alarm clock.  I also set up a wake-up call the night before using the automated system.  The system was surprisingly efficient and actually, ran ten minutes early.

I honestly don’t have anything to complain about when it comes to the room.  Aloft rooms or Lofts rather, are some of the nicest airport hotel guest rooms on the market.  They’re modern, clean, spacious, and efficient.

The Property:

As one would expect with an airport hotel, pretty much every single Aloft Hotel property features a layout identical to that of any other Aloft property.  However, depending on the location within a city and guest capacity, some Aloft properties boast additional amenities.  This particular Aloft property in Las Colinas, TX featured an outdoor pool.  Other than the outdoor pool, the property was your run-of-the-mill Aloft property which isn’t a bad thing.  As I’ve mentioned a few times already, I love consistency, and Aloft Hotels are very very consistent.

Aloft Hotels are typically built around their elaborate lobbies.  Elaborate in that pretty much the entire hotel (other than guest rooms) is contained within a few hundred square feet.  The front desk is a circular “hub” in the center of the lobby.  Stretching around the perimeter of the front desk is a bar, lounge, snack bar, breakfast bar, pool table, and small business center.  As is the norm at most hotels, the fitness center and outdoor pool lay adjacent to one another just past the main lobby.

Aloft Las Colinas Lounge

Aloft Las Colinas Lounge

Aloft Las Colinas Communal Table

Aloft Las Colinas Communal Table

Overall, Aloft Hotels do a fantastic job in that they differentiate themselves from other airport or budget hotels.  They don’t sacrifice a functional lobby but rather build each hotel around a gathering space in which guest can gather to play or work.  During my quick stay at this particular property, I sent a few emails, planned my next trip, and practiced shooting some pool at the pool table adjacent to the bar.

Though I don’t have many complaints about my stay, there was one notable event that stuck out.  While I was finishing up some work on my laptop, three or four obviously intoxicated twenty-something guys were playing pool.  During their hour endeavor, they obnoxiously flirted with the bartender and shouted obscene profanities that echoed throughout the lobby.  It wasn’t until one guy challenged his buddy to punch him as hard as he could, straight in the face, that another employee asked the guest to return to their room.  When she did so, she used me as the scapegoat.  As I sat on the opposite side of the lounge, the bartender jokingly told the guys, “This kid is trying to type on his laptop, quiet down!”  Rule number one, don’t ever refer to me as “this kid”.  Rule number two, don’t scapegoat your guests.

Other than the snafu down in the lounge, I don’t have many complaints about my stay

To Reiterate…

I can’t stress enough how important consistency is when I pick an airport hotel.  The rate is also an important factor, and Aloft hotels are consistently some of the most affordable airport hotels on the market.  Though they are inexpensive, quality is not sacrificed.

The Aloft Las Colinas was no exception to the Aloft brand.  It was modern, clean, consistent, and the hotel staff was welcoming and fairly professional.  Though the hotel lacks a shuttle, the drive between the hotel and DFW is roughly 15 minutes and will run you $15 if you choose an Uber.  The hotel makes up for the lack of a shuttle through an amazing price-point and great service.

If you find yourself looking for a cheap airport hotel near DFW, I highly recommend the Aloft Las Colinas.