My stay at the Aloft Hotel, Seaport District, Boston.

I had the pleasure of staying at the hip, industrial style Aloft Hotel, Seaport district, Boston. It is situated just behind the BCEC, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and across from The Lawn on D. The Lawn is “Boston’s most innovative and vibrant seasonal outdoor venue’ as quoted from the site on Google Maps. It is open all day in the warmer months and has a bar, swings, games, food and often live music available.

a large building with a large lawn and tables in front of it

The city, the convention center and the Lawn closest.

Valet and Check-in:

The Aloft has varied rates depending on the events in the area, anything from around $160 per night up to about $360 a night for a standard room.

I valeted my car. For a city that has a smaller footprint $50 per night is on the middle to high side.

a black sign with white text and black text

My valet experience was strange. I was issued with a number on check-in and the card was put on my dashboard. I used it that evening to drive to dinner and then had the car parked again when I returned. Then the next morning they struggled for a while and said they could not find my number in the system and so issued me with another number. The original number was still in my car but they replaced it with the new one. Strange but luckily the car was always available.

a sign in a building

The check-in booth up ahead

a sign with qr code

Hotel barcodes

This sign was on the wall with barcodes that give you many details about the hotel and surroundings.

Check-in was pleasant. In just a few minutes I had my room key, had bought a few items at the little market and was on my way up.

Upstairs to my room:

a hand pressing a button on a glass panel


a sign on a wall



The Aloft has a few modern touches. One of them is designated elevators. You press the floor you would like to go to, and the system assigns you an elevator. Once inside there are no buttons to press, the elevator drops you on your floor.

I remember from staying at the Aloft in Dallas that this hotel has ice machines on alternate floors. This Aloft has them on odd numbered floors so I did not have far to walk.

a blue and white container with a lid

On entering the room the open plan bathroom is on the left with the basin, toilet and shower in line and then opposite them are the shelves with the coffee machine and ice bucket.

a coffee machine and a bottle of water

There is an open cupboard for hanging clothes. Also the iron and ironing board.

a ironing board on a wooden door a small refrigerator with a blow dryer

As you can see it is actually rather small. Just a cursory cupboard with a few hangars, a shelf for the coffee machine, the refrigerator and that is about it.

The bathroom:

a white sink and mirror

Basin and tap

a shower with white towels and a shower head

One rack of towels and the shower. The toiletries are actually rather good. The shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc are all by drybar, and you can even buy them from

a group of black bottles with a dispenser a small container with a black container and a black container with a black container with a black label

Most hotels are now providing ‘designer’ toiletries whether in a squeeze bottle or individual items. There are some absolutely marvelous aromas that are provided by these hotels, all curated by specialist names.

The bedroom:

The bedroom side of the room is also pleasant. There is no real separation, the bathroom is just behind the wall that the bed backs up against.

a room with two beds

Nicely made up beds with 4 pillows each, and a desk with swivel chair with a view out of the window.

a chair next to a desk

Desk, chair, phone, lamp

There are quite a few plug points available, full size as well as usb.

a light switch on a wall a black rectangular object with two ports

A clock radio that you can program for wake up sounds. Nice big, bright letters and numbers.

a remote control and alarm clock on a table

I had a pleasant stay in the room, even though it feels slightly small. The bed was comfortable, there was a refrigerator, the toiletries were very pleasant and I had a great view.

Aloft Hotel, Seaport district, Boston

Early morning view of Boston

Other hotel facilities:

The hotel brand prides itself on being a bit quirky and there were many signs of it around.

a wall with letters on it

This letters board is in the lobby, you can create words while waiting to check-in.

a sign on a wall

This sign is on the wall giving you an explanation of some of the names used for meeting rooms. The Summer, Smoot, Mahoney and Mann rooms are all named after famous Boston-born personalities.

The bar / games area:

a bar with chairs and a poster on the wall

There is a bar / lounge area just off the lobby. Consists of a long bar counter, a pool table, a fireplace and many different places to sit.

a pool table with cue sticks and a pool ball a room with couches and chairs a room with a couch and chairs a fireplace with blue stools and toys


a group of people sitting at a bar

The bar area

Upstairs there are meeting rooms and smaller lobby areas. I even found a hot dog / popcorn type cart just waiting to be used on an event.

a staircase with a metal railing and a painting on the wall

Going up the stairs

a room with a blue cart and chairs

Hot dog cart

Recreational facilities:

a sign on a wall

This is the sign to the restrooms, pool area, gym and laundry.

There is a nice sized gym with many exercise machines, including treadmills and pedal machines.

a gym with exercise equipment a group of treadmills in a room

The pool is actually nicer than it looks in my photo.

a pool with orange chairs

Pool with fancy chairs

a shower with a hose and a shower head

Cleaning off shower

a room with towels and a life preserver

Looks like a boat with those rings.

a machine with a screen and buttons

Even an ATM.

There is an ATM, useful even with the high bank fees.

There was some rain that gave us these very nice sunset pictures.

a city skyline with a sunset a city skyline with a cloudy sky

And of course no visit to Boston is complete without a visit to Fenway Park.

a crowd of people in a stadium

Opinion on my stay:

So that was my stay at the Aloft Hotel, Seaport district, Boston. A rather pleasant time, it has nice facilities downstairs which compensate for the slightly smaller room size upstairs.

If I had to spend upwards of $350 on a room like that I think I would not be so satisfied but our rate was fine so on the whole it was a good stay.

The Aloft fulfills the need for a more modern hotel.