Singapore Airlines are sending five of their Airbus A380s to be stored in Alice Springs. This is a temporary measure until air traffic picks up once more, as the tropical environment of Singapore is not great for aircraft storage.

One thing that can make an aeroplane very unhappy is being kept stationery in a place with high humidity. It is why you see storage facilities located in the desert in places such as Southern California Logistics Airport, more commonly known as Victorville.

Video of Airbus A380s in Alice Springs

APAS or Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage are handling the planes for Singapore Airlines. The video below shows what appears to be the third A380 landing, as you can see it pass two others during final approach.

A bunch of other Singapore Airlines jets are parked there, as well as those from several other airlines. All are waiting to be reactivated once flying commences again.

But Where Is Alice Springs?

Alice Springs is a town with a population of around 30,000 located in the Northern Territory. The Northern Territory of where, you might wonder? Well, it is served by airlines with names such as Airnorth, Qantas and Virgin, so that should be a clue.

Pretty much smack dab in the centre of Australia is where you’ll find Alice Springs. A desert location with low rainfall and low humidity, the perfect place for carriers around Asia to park their planes.

Overall Thoughts

I am sure the designers of Alice Springs Airport never envisaged something as large as an Airbus A380 landing there. While passenger services with something that size probably won’t happen, the runway is long enough for one to get in and out for storage.

What do you think of these aircraft being parked in the remote Northern Territory of Australia and did you enjoy the video? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave the below.

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Featured image by Warren Scale, a still from the linked YouTube video.
Airport picture via Alice Springs Airport on Facebook.