Longreach is a small town of around 3,000 people in central Queensland in Australia. The Albert Park Motor Inn is one of several motels in the area and is quite handily located a short walk from the airport.

Tourists visit the town for its two main attractions – the Qantas Founders Outback Museum and the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame. The Qantas museum is across the road from the Albert Park Motor Inn and the Stockman’s Hall of Fame is around the corner.

Price and Check-In

Snagging the last two rooms for the dates I visited cost A$135 (approx US$105 at the time of writing) per night for twin rooms which is reasonable.

On arrival at Longreach, we walked the ten minutes or so from the terminal to the motel. Check-in is fast and easy and the friendly receptionist answered our questions before handing over the keys.

A Twin Room At Albert Park Motor Inn

Remembering this is a small country town in the Australian Outback, I did not expect to find myself presented with the type of luxury property one would find in a big city.

Rooms are spacious, clean and functional. Underneath the retro styled bedspread are crisp clean white sheets and the pillows are a perfect mix of firm yet comfortable.

Tea and coffee making facilities are provided, along with a spacious wardrobe which has extra linen inside. There is a long table running down one side of the room with four chairs provided for sitting.

There is one single power point which means multiple guests would need to fight for device charging. Wireless Internet is provided free in each room and I found it perfectly fast for using with my phone.

How About The Bathroom?

It is a retro affair in the Albert Park Motor Inn, with my bathroom harking back to the late 1980s or early 1990s. Soap is provided as well as combination shampoo and conditioner.

While quite clean my room had a smell that reminded me of wet hair being dried under a dryer at a hairdressers. I didn’t notice it after 5 minutes and it was specific to my room as my Dad’s room next door was fine.

Restaurant and Pool

There is an outdoor pool available for use year round, thoughtfully covered by a sail to protect people from the sun. As it can reach 48 degrees centigrade – or 118F – in summer, this is a must or else you will fry.

On site there is a restaurant where you can have a buffet breakfast. This is A$20 per person per day and it is also available as a room service breakfast if you wish. I did not try it, preferring to eat elsewhere.

Dinner is available until 8:30pm and on the last night we gave this a go. The restaurant is quite nicely laid out and is a pleasant place to eat a meal. The dumplings for starters is excellent and I recommend it.

My Dad chose the fish. He used to work in the seafood industry many years ago and remarked that it is not “cheap, frozen fish” and must be fresh from the Thompson River that runs near the town. My steak was quite good as well and we enjoyed the meal.

Minor Issues and Drinks

In addition to the smell in my room, my Dad found his air conditioner and television remote did not work. As it is Winter in Australia at the moment the air conditioning is no big deal but it will be. I gave him my remote and all was sorted.

Reception contains a large fridge where you can get water, soft drinks and so on as well as a freezer with ice creams. You can charge these to your room and are great to keep for an evening snack. Reception closes at 8:30pm so you need to plan ahead.

Overall Thoughts

Albert Park Motor Inn is in a perfect location for the two main attractions in the town. It is also very close to the airport though if you are getting the daily train service from Brisbane you will need to get a taxi to the motel.

Country people are invariably nice and all the staff encountered are friendly, helpful and really lovely. While there were little niggles with the rooms, we did not make a fuss or ask to change as we knew the place was full. They were not show stoppers anyway as we generally only slept in the motel.

Visitors coming to Longreach to visit the Qantas museum or Stockman’s Hall of Fame would be smart to stay here. Reasonably priced, very clean, delicious food and an unbeatable location. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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