There is a small city with a population of about 150,000 people that received non-stop flights from all the inhabited continents this year. That means Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Australia and Asia, of course.

It is also the first city and airport in that particular country to have non-stop service from all the continents. Unless you live in that country, chances are you probably haven’t even heard of this place. So, where is it?

Flights From All Continents

The reason this airport saw flights from everywhere was due to the pandemic. Located 29km (18 miles) outside of this city is a quarantine facility called Howard Springs. Some people arriving into this country were sent here for their mandatory two weeks of hotel quarantine.

Have you finished guessing yet? The airport that saw non-stop service from all continents in 2021 was Darwin Airport. Darwin is located in the Northern Territory of Australia, which you can see in the map below.

Repatriation flights have run from every continent, including the recent non-stop from Buenos Aires to Darwin. That carried 107 passengers on a Boeing 787-9 on the 15,037km (9,343 miles) trip. It actually took an extra 354km due to the route and did it all in 17 hours and 26 minutes.

With Australia reopening to citizens from next month, Qantas has announced it will run its Sydney and Melbourne to London services via Darwin. This is in place of Singapore and Perth respectively, the traditional stopovers along the way. Good news for the people of the northern Australian city.

Overall Thoughts

Darwin has seen non-stop service from all continents this year and is the only airport in Australia where this has ever occurred. The city used to be a stop on the famous Qantas kangaroo route to London, but eventually aircraft could fly further and the stop was skipped.

There are not many airports in the world that have seen non-stop service from every continent. I wonder which other ones would be in contention. Perhaps London Heathrow? Anyone know?

What do you think of Darwin’s achievement? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Tourism NT via Wikimedia Commons.
Map via Lonely Planet.