Airplane Inspiration: EL AL 747

In order to keep everyone’s spirits up while most of us are stuck at home, I decided to start a new photography campaign. Airplane Inspiration will be a series of photographs published that showcase an airline/aircraft/airplanes from my photo bank. I encourage you to comment with your own experience with the airline or aircraft. Please share your photos on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #airplaneinspiration. I will monitor the hashtag and comment on your photos. Let’s all reminisce about the better times in aviation. We will soon be back in the air, but for now, keep up that #airlineinspiration. Today’s Airplane Inspiration is the EL AL 747.  


Location: JFK

I took this photo a while back. Back then, 2 out of the 3 flights from Tel Aviv to JFK were operated by the Queen of the Skies. They were a common sight when taking off from JFK, found in Terminal 4, parked until their departure back to Tel Aviv. Sadly, these airplanes have been retired since then, and now only live on in memory. 


Airline Snapshot:

EL AL is the largest airline in Israel and its flag carrier. The airline has a short-haul fleet of 737s and a long-haul fleet of 787s and 777s. Considered one of the safest airlines in the world, EL AL flies three times a day (on average) between TLV and JFK, and once-daily between TLV and Newark (EWR). Pushed to the extremes by COVID19, the airline will need to restructure and find itself anew as soon as the crisis is over. 


Keep up the Inspiration:

If you want to share your photos of the EL AL 747, or if you want to share your experience flying on the EL AL 747, tag your photo on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #airlineinspiration. This way,  the AvGeek world will stay connected, inspired, and with their eyes on the skies. 


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Airline Inspiration: EL AL 747

Airline Inspiration: EL AL 747


Landing Thoughts

I hope this new photo campaign brightens up your day. I know I have been struggling to be on the ground for so long without any clear end in sight. If you want any airline highlighted, feel free to drop the airline/aircraft in the comments. If I have a picture of that aircraft/airline, I will post the photo and a link to your social media too (if you want). 


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