You’re probably currently on some form of lockdown and a little bit bored. The home renovations are done, you’ve seen Tiger King on Netflix and are sick and tired of looking at your family. What should you do next? How about reading some interesting airline stories?

Flipping through the bookmarks in my web browser turned up some interesting things that you will find fascinating. It’s a wide range of this and that, but all of them were kept for a reason, so you should learn a thing or two.

Get Your Airline Stories Here!

Delve deep into the launch of one of the most significant airline cabins ever, British Airways Club World. Lie-flat seats completely changed the business class landscape from 2000 and the story of how it came about is fascinating. Happily you can read all about it in this great article at Airline Interiors International.

How about a little story about the very first Cathay Pacific lounge? The experience in 1970 is certainly different to today, so vicariously experience it here.

Bloggers, aviation fans and the general public alike really enjoy a fantastic shot of an aeroplane in flight. Virgin Atlantic put together this fascinating piece on what is involved in air to air photography of their new Airbus A350 fleet. It’s not as easy as it might seem!

Ever wondered what the reasoning was behind airline branding design choices? I have! Lippincott is responsible for the Aer Lingus re-branding launched in January 2019 and here’s their web page about it.

Overall Thoughts

Four airline stories for you to enjoy while “working from home” or indeed just passing the time. They’re ones I certainly enjoyed reading and I hope you do too.

Those stories give you a flavour of what I like. I am wondering if any of you have some articles that you think I might enjoy reading. After all, I’m on lockdown too and could do with some recommendations.

Leave any recommendations in the comments below and also feel free to let me know what you think of the ones I selected. Thanks for reading!

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Featured image via Virgin Atlantic.
British Airways Club World 2000 via Aircraft Interiors International.