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Delta Air Lines once again leads the pack when it comes to on-time performance with that Nation’s largest airlines in June. They lead the “big 3” but a closer look at the rest of the stats provided by shows an even greater story. While Delta has a well-deserved reputation for reliable operations and good customer care when things go wrong, their “partner” in Seattle had an even better June.

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Alaska clocked an 86.4% on-time arrival rate during the month, compared to Delta’s 78.8% rate. Alaska was behind go-to winner Hawaiian Airlines, but I consider them to be in a class by themselves with a primary hub in Honolulu. In Delta’s defense, I can attest to an awful weather month at the airline’s primary hub, Atlanta, where it felt like there was a massive thunderstorm every afternoon throughout the month. But suffice it to say that Alaska is running a very good airline and it shows. (Image courtesy of

At the other end of the spectrum, our friends at United Airlines completed the month with a 66.5% on-time arrival rate, with American, Southwest and US Airways falling somewhere in between. How was your June on the road? Did you experiences mirror these on time rates?

-MJ July 6, 2015