Economy class travel is something we all have to do and some carriers try to make it pleasant. Airline provided items differ depending on who you’re flying with and are as varied as pillows to amenity kits to nothing at all.

Passengers often bring things along to help keep things comfy on board. Neck pillows are a perennial favourite of course, not to mention the now ubiquitous devices.

An Airline Provided Cup Holder

Having the tray table deployed usually means you have much less space to move. I usually hotly await my meal tray being collected so there is more room. The only problem are those times when I still have a drink I’d like to finish.

British airline Jet2 has you covered, having a basic cup holder built into the back of the seat in front. Fold down that bad boy and all your woes are no more – you have space and a place for your drink!

Extra Leg Room

Realising the airline provided you with extra leg room really makes you stick to a brand. Nobody likes being hemmed in to a seat with your knees jabbing the person sitting in front of you.

Irish airline Ryanair has thoughtfully dispensed with the seat pocket so you can have plenty of room for your knees. People all over Europe love this and its just one reason why hundreds of millions fly with them each year.

Blankets, Pillows and Headphones

On international flights, blankets and pillows are a godsend. If the cabin is cool, you can pop your blanket over you and snuggle into your slimline seat, enjoying the economy class comfort as you fly to your destination.

Naturally a pair of earphones is also essential so you can watch movies to wile away the time. Luckily advances in miniaturisation mean sound quality is superior to times past.

Overall Thoughts

For me, anything that provides extra space or adds to comfort is a good thing. Blankets and pillows are probably the most obvious things, with seating probably coming next. Exit rows or snagging an entire block of seats to yourself being some of the more coveted elements.

What say you? What airline provided items make for a really good flight in your opinion? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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