I’ve had a passport holder for as long as I can remember. When you are issued with an Australian passport, you receive a basic plastic one to put it in, which also takes a second passport on the other side.

Perusing the Internet, I came across an Air France branded passport holder and it inspired me to see what other airlines are offering. What I found was certainly expensive.

The Inexpensive Passport Holder

First port of call was the Air France shop where they have one priced at a very reasonable €15. It looks like it holds two documents, which is handy for dual citizens.

Of course, it is the only one on this list that is out of stock on the Air France shopping website. I think that price is very reasonable, which perhaps is why it’s unavailable.

Made Of Money? Here Come The Expensive Ones!

Next on my list was Cathay Pacific who have a great online product range available, including those upcycled uniform cushions that I really want. They also have a compact passport holder for €45.

I thought that was expensive until I saw another one at Air France, which comes up at €79. Of course, this one is available in their shop and features the Air France logo inside.

After checking a few other oneworld alliance airlines, I found the Japan Airlines shop. With an outlay of 22,870 Japanese Yen or €179, you get the Cordovan Passport Case, surely the Rolls-Royce of cases.

For those that don’t know – and I didn’t – Cordovan is called the “leather diamond” as it’s so rare, according to JAL. It’s also made by Miyauchi Sangyo, a world-renowned Japanese tannery. Either way, for €179 it would want to be amazing, and it definitely looks lovely.

Overall Thoughts

I was in the market for a new passport holder just because I felt like treating myself. While €15 and €45 are in my price range, I can’t see myself spending €79 or €179 for one of these, even if it will get used a lot and probably last forever.

The luxury goods market never ceases to amaze, both for the eye watering prices and the elegance of the product. Looks like I’ll have to try to earn more money so I can jump in and purchase these kinds of things without a second thought.

Do you have an airline branded passport holder? Which airline is it and what did it cost you? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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