With airlines reeling from the impact of the coronavirus, you might think that airplane manufacturers would be preparing to furlough workers and shut down production lines. Actually, this is exactly what Boeing is doing. With the 737MAX crisis barely resolved and the new variant finally taking to the skies, airlines are facing a glut of aircraft in the short term. Boeing has had a rough year.

Airbus, however? They have big plans. Crazy big plans. The biggest ever plans, it would seem.

Airbus Renews A380 Production? But of Course!

The last Airbus A380 “superjumbo” rolled off the production line this past fall. Earlier in the year, the fuselage was paraded through the streets of Lévignac, a small French village near Airbus’ Toulouse facilities. It was a bittersweet occasion, as the superjumbo is a favorite plane among many in the aviation world.

In a complete about-face, however, Airbus has announced that they will actually be reopening Airbus 380 production!! The move is perplexing, considering the current state of the aviation world. But Airbus seems bent on their new strategy. I’m debating the wisdom of doubling-down on the superjumbo, though. The whole A380 program supposedly hasn’t made them any money. At least with a humongous new order from Emirates, they can bring it back.

There is nothing quite like flying aboard the full double-decker aircraft. That is, until Airbus launches its triple-decker aircraft in 2026. I cannot wait for that to finally become reality! It’s “go big or go home” in the UAE it seems!

Final Thoughts

This is such a surprising move, and one that I never saw coming. The A380 is a magnificent plane, one that I’ve enjoyed flying multiple times now in both business and economy class. I’m even more glad that Airbus isn’t going to let the model die! Ever.

Now…go check the date.