The decision makers at airlines decided to locate their Airbus A380 first class cabins in different places. Though always at the front of the plane, some put it on the lower deck and some went upstairs.

There are just 10 airlines that continue to operate what is the largest passenger aircraft in the world. Let’s see where they have decided to place their most premium cabins.

Lower Deck Airbus A380 First Class

Four of the current operators have elected to have their Airbus A380 first class downstairs. Looking at them alphabetically, we first have Korea’s Asiana. Checking the seat map, these are called “Business Suite” but are essentially the top class. These are far larger than their regular business class seats.

British Airways have their first class on the lower deck as well. It’s also the only one I’ve experienced personally, which you can see in the review here.

The other two airlines with first class on the lower deck are Korean Air with their Kosmo Suites, and Australia’s Qantas. Both look very different from one another, don’t they?

Either way, it’s the top class on these airlines, even if it is on the bottom deck. Travelling on long flights is no doubt very comfortable indeed, if you can afford it.

First Class Upstairs

Of the six airlines remaining, three have a pretty standard setup on board with just eight seats. ANA is first up and as they’re a Japanese airline, they have washlet toilets. I’ve used these when visiting Japan and they’re definitely an experience!

Lufthansa doesn’t seem to have anything special on their aircraft, but I’m sure it’s comfortable. Qatar Airways on the other hand, have a really lovely bar, which is located towards the back of the upper deck.

Special Airbus A380 First Class

Last but not least are the three airlines who decided to do something different up front. Emirates is probably the most famous, having showers in the sky especially for their Airbus A380 first class passengers.

Down the road in Abu Dhabi you’ll find Etihad Airways, who have their unique “The Residence”, a suite including a private bathroom and a bed. There is plenty of space there and also plenty in their first class seats.

Finally, there is the A380 launch customer, Singapore Airlines. These suites have a seat and a bed, with the ability to have two adjoining suites turn the bed into a double.

Some real deluxe comfort on all three of these airlines, if you can afford it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a shower in the sky when given the opportunity?

Overall Thoughts

Anyone wanting to take a flight in Airbus A380 first class had better do it sooner rather than later. Some of the airlines plan to only have the planes for the next few years, so it will become more and more rare.

While the cost is prohibitive for many people, a good frequent flyer points saving plan will get you up there for much less. Now’s the time to start planning, if you haven’t already.

Have you ever flown first class on an A380? If you have, which airline(s) did you fly and what was it like? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via A380flightdeck on Tumblr.
All seat map excerpts via aeroLOPA.