The first aircraft produced by the European manufacturer Airbus was the A300. This was a widebody aircraft with two engines which featured advanced technology for its day.

Since that time, a derivative called the Airbus A310 was introduced and eventually the company became one of the main suppliers to the industry. Today, the Airbus A330 and A340 have elements dating back to the original Airbus A300.

Airbus A300 Videos

Following on from last weeks post featuring three videos about the Boeing 727, this week there are four on the Airbus A300. These form four parts of the story of the aircraft, which is very interesting.

Manufacture of the new aircraft was split – France would manufacture the cockpit, flight controls and the lower centre section of the fuselage. The UK manufactured the wings and West Germany the forward and rear fuselage sections, as well as the upper centre section. Finally, the Netherlands made flaps and spoilers, while Spain would make the horizontal tail.

Taking to the air on 28 October 1972, the first flight was memorable for what happened on landing. You’ll find out why in the video above, of course!

Initial orders were very slow, with only Air France and Lufthansa putting the aircraft into service initially. From 1977, Eastern Air Lines in the USA took four on lease to try them out. Very pleased, they subsequently ordered 23 aircraft.

Eventually the programme became a success, spawning developments such as the Airbus A310. It goes without saying that you have probably flown on an Airbus aircraft at some point in your life.

Overall Thoughts

It is interesting to see the history of the development of this jet. European aircraft have always been excellent from a technical point of view, however they were often not very good at selling these to airlines.

Joining together was key and now the Europeans compete with the Americans throughout the world. Have you ever flown on an Airbus A300? What was it like? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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