Today, Airbus formally unveiled the rebranded CSeries. A few months ago, Airbus bid to purchase the CSeries from Bombardier. The move was seen as a measure for the aircraft manufacturer to enter the 100-125 seat market after their unsuccessful A318. Bombardier had been struggling to get orders for the aircraft, and then the US government slapped tariffs on the aircraft, making it even more difficult for them. Airbus likely saved the program and gave it long term viability. Today, the CSeries was reborn. Meet the Airbus A220.

CSeries Rebranded Airbus A220

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Airbus A220: Cute Name

I found the name of the aircraft really cute. Since most of Airbus’ aircraft are named A3XX, the A220 represents a younger brother to the other aircraft. In a way, it is, too. The A220 is meant for short haul routes, compete with the Embraer E-Jets, and replace the few A318s and 737-600s left out there. Airbus used this branding in order to provide both commonality between its successful aircraft as well as market them as a smaller than the A3XXs.Some people speculated that they would be called A316 and A317, and although I found this name adorable, I feel it would not match the criteria of their A318-A321 models. The CSeries has a different fuselage style, and is organized in a 2×3 configuration, opposed to the 3×3 of the A318-A321.

Airbus A220 Landing in TLS

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Airbus A220: Sick Burn

For a moment I was convinced that the name was simply cute and direct. I was convinced it didn’t have a hidden meaning. Boy was I surprised when I opened Twitter. A Twitter User noted that the original plan of the US government to slap tariffs on the plane added a 220% tax. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!!! Airbus just dealt the US a sick burn, and did it so elegantly and professionally that I have to admire them. In the end, the tariff was raised to 292% (WHAT THE) but it was overturned. The aircraft will have a fighting chance to make it in the US market. I’m a big supporter of Boeing, but wow, great job Airbus. 

Landing Thoughts:

I can’t wait to try the CSeries, er um, I mean the Airbus A220. It seems like a really nice ride, and people have been raving about its comfort. I know the most likely candidate for me to try the aircraft is Delta, once they have the plane delivered, but SWISS and airBaltic also fly the jet. The rebranding was brilliant, and I applaud Airbus for originality.

What do you think? Do you like the CSeries rebranding? Have you flown on the plane? What was your experience like? Let us know!

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