Air New Zealand are going to be offering beds for economy class passengers, which they have called the Skynest. These are triple tier bunks that people can use during flight to have a lie down.

Being located far away from most places, the sectors the Kiwi airline operates are very long. Auckland to New York is around 17 hours in the air, which is quite some time to be sat upright in a seat.

Skynest Video

The announcement about the Skynest happened on 25 February 2020, which was right before everyone was locked down for the pandemic. That means it has been delayed a bit, as have so many things.

There’s plenty packed into the two minute video above. A lot of thought and design effort has gone into the concept, which is unsurprising as it takes up space that could potentially be used for other things.

All About The Skynest

Passengers will be able to book a four hour session in the Skynest. The duration has been determined by a person’s sleep cycle, which is typically 90 minutes. This will give people time to wind down, sleep and wake up. Inside is a USB port for device charging, a reading light and an air vent.

All six bunks will be occupied at the same time, so everyone inside is on the same four hour block. In between sessions will be a 30 minute period where the crew will change all the bedding and prepare for the next batch of sleepers.

People flying in economy and premium economy will be able to book a session in the Skynest. Pricing has not been finalised, but the airline has said they are thinking around NZ$400 to NZ$500 (€220 to €276 / US$245 to US$307 / £198 to £247). Seems reasonable enough to me!

Overall Thoughts

The Air New Zealand Skynest is expected to debut in September 2024 and should prove popular with economy class passengers. I know that if I was flying a long haul flight down the back that I’d give anything for a few hours to lay down.

Sitting upright for hours and hours is really tedious, to put it mildly, so this will be a gamechanger. It will be interesting to see how popular these are. With only six beds and only two or three four hour sessions possible on each flight, it means only 12 or 18 people will get to use them.

What do you think of the whole Skynest concept? Is it something you would be paying for? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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All images via Air New Zealand.