Coming from a country that is much maligned in the west, Air Koryo has it harder than most when it comes to flying places. The latest is that Air Koryo will start Macau from August.

This adds to the other four cities outside of North Korea that it serves from Pyongyang. These are Shanghai, Beijing and Shenyang in China, along with Vladivostok in Russia.

Air Koryo Start Macau

FlightGlobal report that the Civil Aviation Authority of Macau have confirmed twice weekly flights begin on 2 August. This will strengthen links with the former Portuguese colony, which is known for being a bit of a gambling paradise.

It is not known yet which aircraft will serve the route. Air Koryo operate an eclectic fleet of Russian and Soviet jets, many of which would be suitable for the 2,214 kilometre journey from FNJ-MFM.

Aren’t They A One Star Airline?

For years, Air Koryo had the dubious distinction of being the only SkyTrax One Star rated airline in the world. Nowadays, they don’t even have a star rating, which doesn’t mean a lot since there are many airlines that are unrated.

You can judge for yourself by checking out a review. It shows the service in Business Class on Air Koryo from Beijing to Pyongyang and while it is nearly three years old, things don’t look in any way strange.

Overall Thoughts

Considering it is such a small carrier by international standards, the news that Air Koryo start Macau in August is intriguing. Why are they doing this? Will it be successful? Does it even matter, considering they probably aren’t run for profit?

Either way, it’s an airline I wouldn’t mind trying sometime, just because it is so unique. Have you flown Air Koryo or been to North Korea? What did you think? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by yiwen_song_ via Deskgram.
Tupolev Tu-154 by YK Aviation Images.