Star Alliance carrier Air China is having their annual flash sale for 10 November and 11 November. There are some excellent deals available which are well worth checking out.

The best deals are departing Germany, with some very competitive fares available in business class. People travelling to Australia and New Zealand will find the best value of all.

Air China Flash Sale

Originating in Munich, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf finds the most attractive deals. Business class tickets to Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland are priced starting from €1,506 return.

How good a deal is this? It is excellent! British Airways routinely charge around €3,000 for a return trip from Europe to Australia, so this is around half the price. It is one of the lowest I have ever seen.

Other cities in Asia are also on sale, which includes places such as Beijing (€1,337), Bangkok (€1,185), Singapore (€1,194), Tokyo (€1,184), Hong Kong (€1,133) and Taipei (€1,118). You can check out the full details on the China Airlines web site for Germany.

Economy class is also on sale at the same time and conveniently the web site lists all the deals in a table. Rather handy and prevents a lot of hunting around.

Overall Thoughts

This sale happens every year and other countries are also included. For example, the Air China web site in the UK has a different list of destinations and prices. Fares are generally far higher too, for example Sydney is £2,334 which is €2,671, much higer than the German pricing.

Even having to go to and from Germany to connect would still mean the tickets are a bargain. What do you think of this Air China flash sale? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Thanks to Head For Points for the heads up.
Featured image by A. Doumenjou / master films via Airbus.
Air China Boeing 787-9 by Tomás Del Coro from Las-Vegas via Wikimedia Commons.