Aer Lingus are introducing a premium product on select European flights from 1 September which will be called AerSpace. On certain flights, AerSpace leg room will be ample as there will be lie flat seating which is the same as that offered on transatlantic services.

On other flights, AerSpace passengers will be seated in the first row on the Airbus A320 fleet, with the middle seat kept free. Considering the name of the product, just how much more space is there really?

A Look At AerSpace Leg Room

Lots of people enjoy sitting in the first row, as there is often more space and you’re first to leave on arrival. AerSpace passengers also have reserved overhead bins and there are already stickers on them to that effect.

Sitting in the first row does mean there is plenty of space at face level. In fact, I have my arm outstretched in front of me in the above picture and it’s not even touching the bulkhead. This bodes well, as face space is important.

There is also ample knee room, which will be appreciated by the taller members of society. The space also means you can probably get out of the window seat without annoying the person in the aisle.

Leg room is another matter entirely. What you won’t be able to do is stretch your legs out. If I can’t do it at 170cm tall, which is about 5’7″ in old money, then it means that virtually nobody can. Whether this is important on flights mainly of one to two hours is up to you.

Overall Thoughts

The Irish carrier has been at pains not to call it a business class product. You get all the bells and whistles of business class such as priority boarding, lounge access and so on, but your meal is from the buy on board menu. You just don’t pay for it.

While the fantastic transatlantic lie flat seats will be available on some flights, the experience will be different on the Airbus A320 fleet. There is plenty of space, with the only possible issue being the AerSpace leg room when it comes to stretching out.

Perhaps if popular, they will sell more than one row per flight. What do you think of the AerSpace product? Would you book it as a stand alone, or only as part of a connecting transatlantic itinerary? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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