Bank of Ireland has an Aer Lingus credit card called the Aer Credit Card that has been around for a while. The bank is currently offering 5,000 Avios as a bonus for people who sign up.

The card was originally launched in 2019 and it remains the only card in the Irish market offering Aer Lingus Avios. Therefore if you want to collect frequent flyer points on everyday spend, this is your only option.

Aer Lingus Credit Card Bonus

This is the third time that I’ve noticed Bank of Ireland offering 5,000 bonus Avios for new signups. I can’t work out whether the promotion is working so well that they’re running it again, or the take up is so bad that they’re desperate for business.

Back in 2022, you had to sign up between 12 January and 13 February, and then spend €1,000 by 14 May to earn the bonus. Earlier this year, you had to sign up by 16 February and spend your grand before 16 May for the bonus. That is all pleasantly similar, isn’t it?

This time around, it’s more of the same. Sign up by 18 August and spend the thousand before 18 October to earn your 5,000 Avios. If you’re interested, go to the Bank of Ireland website for the card.

Overall Thoughts

At this stage, it would make sense for Bank of Ireland to just keep the 5,000 Avios bonus on the Aer Lingus credit card all the time. I think having the sign up bonus makes it much more attractive than it otherwise is. With an earning rate of 1 Avios per €4 spent, it is not particularly generous though it doesn’t have to be. It’s the only game in town, so you’re either in or you’re out. Of course, it is 1 Avios per €1 on Aer Lingus flights, which is nice.

Other benefits are worldwide travel insurance, two return flights to Europe each year if you spend over €5,000 on the card, two Fast-Track and priority boarding passes, and two airport lounge passes. It has been designed to be as attractive as possible. Alas, I baulk at the fact the card has a €6.50 monthly fee (€78) plus the standard €30 annual Government stamp duty. Remove that monthly fee and I would happily get the card, but as my current Click credit card with AIB is free, I’ll stick with that.

What do you think of the Aer Credit Card offered by Bank of Ireland? Do you have one? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Anna Zvereva on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.