Scones are one of my favourite foods to have at afternoon tea time. Regular readers will know I am a massive fan of the British Airways afternoon tea in Club Europe and the scones are mainly why.

Ireland’s Aer Lingus have a decent network to major cities throughout Europe. Meal service features a well thought out buy on board menu called Bia, the Irish word for food. Various snacks and drinks are available and this time I decided to try the scones.

EI526 – Dublin to Paris Charles de Gaulle (DUB-CDG)
3 March 2017
Airbus A320-200 – EI-DEF – St. Declan
Seat: Economy Class 3A
Departure: 13:45 Arrival: 16:25

On arrival at the airport I proceeded through fast track security screening in seconds. For lunch I chose a few light items from the Terminal 2 Burger King and headed off to the gate. Passengers who pre-purchase seating in the front 7 rows of the aircraft receive Priority Boarding.

In order to avoid cabin baggage chaos, announcements are made offering to check cabin bags in the hold for free. A few passengers took advantage of this and shortly after boarding was called.

Seating On Board

I always choose to sit in row 3 as the window is aligned nicely to see outside. The seats are navy blue faux leather and are quite comfortable featuring a decent enough amount of leg room.

Regrettably I noticed that my tray table had some left over food on it from a previous flight. It is not great when you find something like this however it is understandable. With short turnaround times, keeping an aircraft clean is not easy.

Boarding soon completed and it was time for the safety demonstration. This is completely manual and is quite short compared to the video demonstrations on most airlines. With no delay we pushed back and headed off to the runway and into the air.

Aer Lingus Scones Service

The Bia menu is contained in a magazine in the seat pocket in front of you. I decided I would spend €5 and the scones plus a can of Coke came to that amount. Cabin Crew on Aer Lingus are very friendly and personable and I ordered my meal and received it in seconds. I paid in cash which is always appreciated and received my meal and receipt.

To clean my tray I asked for a damp cloth and was rewarded with some napkins made damp by the water in the ice bucket. Happily this worked a treat to clean the worst of my tray before I ate.

Aer Lingus scones are really just a scone and it comes with jam and butter. A little pack featuring a combination spoon and knife as well as sugar, a napkin and a trash bag comes with it.

I thought the calories listed for what is a fairly hefty scone was impressive! The jam and butter make for a tasty treat though I would have preferred clotted cream to butter.

There’s A Bag For Your Rubbish

What I really like is the fact that a small bag is provided to put your rubbish into. It saves having to hand a bunch of used items to the crew when it’s time to clear in. It also neatly avoids the risk of dropping rubbish on a seat mate.

Once I finished my meal I packed my trash bag and soon enough it was collected by the friendly crew.

Landing in Paris was uneventful and we proceeded to the gate and disembarked with no delay.

Overall Thoughts

Aer Lingus offer a perfectly thought out service for short European sectors. The Bia menu contains a very nice variety of food. In the morning, you can buy the famous Irish Breakfast which I highly recommend. For the rest of the day there are hot and cold offerings to suit everyone from the adults to the children.

Crew are always friendly on board and it is a hallmark of the service provided by the Irish carrier. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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