By now, most of you have heard about American’s AAdvantage bonus miles promotion for premium class travel. This offer also applies to Dividend Miles members. The gist of the deal is an offer of additional bonus miles on top of the usual bonuses for first and business class travel through the end of 2015. The bonus miles awarded will vary depending on your elite status level and fare class, and registration is not required. Here’s a look:

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In the email I received from American, they are touting the fact that in 2015 American will be the only airline that rewards you for the miles you fly, the fare you buy, and elite status. This bonus offer is a plus up to that.

MJ’s Take

I was asked shortly after the 2015 AAdvantage program announcement if I thought that AA was firing a shot across the bow of Delta and United in not moving away from a mileage-based program when they combine next year. I said no, and I still think that. The advantage in going last still remains. You get to watch what happens with the other guys. You also get to experiment and see what drives certain behaviors. Will AA receive an inbound flood of customers from Delta and United? Will more mileage bonuses for premium travel drive traffic and prove to American that remaining mileage-based is the way to go beyond 2015? We’ll see.

-MJ, December 15, 2014