You might remember that I took my first US Airways flights in a while last weekend. I posted about the experience overall here, and a snag that developed here. As I noted, for whatever reason, US Airways was unable to “see” my AAdvantage Gold/Oneworld Ruby status so I missed out on complimentary upgrade opportunities and priority boarding. I reached out to both US Airways and American. To American’s credit, they called me the day after I emailed, but of course, I wasn’t home. I’ve yet to have time to return the call, but will rectify that on Monday.

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US Airways emailed back as well, letting me know that their inability to reflect my status was American’s problem. 🙂

“Thank you for contacting US Airways.

While we’ve legally combined as one company, US Airways and American Airlines will continue to operate as separate airlines until further notice. Please contact your Gold Preferred Desk to submit that your AAdvantage account be updated in our system.

We look forward to assisting you with any future needs.”

On the positive side, some readers had commented about having difficulty getting their miles to post in situations like mine. I’m pleased to report that the miles for my flights posted within just a few days of the trip and reflected the correct Gold bonus too. I’ll post the results of my phone call to AAdvantage next week.

-MJ, November 22, 2014