Perhaps I should have remembered that I’ve never been really impressed with special places to check-in at airports. When I was in Miami recently, I tried the American Airlines Flagship First check-in and it was pretty strange.

The oneworld alliance airline’s website points out that it features an “Exclusive check-in area”, “Personalized assistance” and “Expedited security access”. Did they deliver?

AA Flagship First Check-In at Miami

When my Uber dropped me off, I was at door number two and headed inside the terminal. Lots of priority check-in desks were around, but I went for a little wander and soon found a couple of desks separated with a red velvet rope, like you might find outside an expensive club, complete with bouncers.

There were two guys standing there and one took a look at my boarding pass, eventually unclipping said rope and allowed me through. He escorted me part of the way to the desk in case I got lost – about 12 steps in total. I was the only person there so I was seen immediately by the very friendly lady who checked me in.

Looking around, the place had better lighting and a brighter design than the usual desks too. That means the first two elements – an “exclusive check-in area” and “personalized assistance” both delivered. Once done, my escort led the way back the 12 steps through the velvet rope and we headed for security.

Once there (moments later), my boarding pass was scanned and I was motioned at to join the end of the line with everyone else. Naturally I got the slow moving one, but eventually I passed through security and got on board my Boeing 777 service to Charlotte.

Overall Thoughts

American Airlines Flagship First check-in at Miami. Pfft! A total waste of anticipation. It is very similar to all the other desks, just a bit nicer and of course there’s the red velvet rope and bouncers.

The guy who walked me to and from the check-in desk and security was perfunctory at best, but at least the desk lady was really lovely. Not entirely sure how I received any kind of priority for security at all, since I was escorted up to the scanning guy where there was no queue and waved to get in line with everyone else.

I understand the facilities at other airports where this is offered (Los Angeles, Chicago and London) might be better. Anyway, it is what it is and it did the job, but it’s nothing to get excited by – at all.

What do you think of the American Airlines Flagship First check-in? Have you used it and if so, how do you find it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by JTOcchialini on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.