The Bellagio is one of the luxury hotels in Las Vegas. I would think that it, the Wynn and the Encore are the 3 most luxurious in Las Vegas. I had the chance to spend a week at Bellagio a few days before the Super Bowl.


On entering the hotel you are immediately struck by the Chihuly glass sculpture that covers the ceiling of the lobby. In the distance I could see the large garden displays celebrating the year of the dragon but first it was time to check in. Of course like all of Vegas there is a longish line but there are about 10 people checking us in so the line moves smoothly enough.

a large room with a large statue of a horse and colorful flowers a large mural on the ceiling of a building

The rooms are not outrageously priced. The Super Bowl week was much higher priced but in the week that I did this review the rooms were in the mid $200 to early $300’s. Not a lot for a luxury room.


The Bellagio room:.


Here is a wide shot of the room. There is a large space from the edge of the bed to the specially designed tv and entertainment counter, as well as a comfy chair and desk.

a room with two beds and a chair

The large comfy chair with a footstool, small table and lamp are there for relaxing. The desk and chair are also nice to have. A hotel like the Bellagio has extra lamps and plugs readily available.

a chair and ottoman in a room a desk with a lamp and a framed picture on the wall

The cupboard with wooden hangars, iron, ironing board, luggage rack and 2 lovely bathrobes. Even this cupboard has lovely tiles on the floor.

a white robe on a swinger

The ice bucket and glasses are lovely. So many hotels give you plastic cups so proper glass is great.

a white safe with a door open a group of wine glasses on a table

The refrigerator is nice but of course as in almost all hotels in Las Vegas, it is full of expensive bar supplies. But for the first time I saw that a personal shelf is provided. That is so nice for milk, cheese, yoghurt, medicine, anything that you might need cooled.

It is really nice that this shelf is designated as most fridges in Las Vegas are touch sensitive, you will be charged for any item that you pick up or move.

a mini fridge with drinks and beverages a shelf with cans of soda

There is also water and various snacks provided at a cost.

a drawer with boxes and flowers


The bathroom:

The Bellagio bathroom is lovely. It just looks and feels classy. Nice faucets, nice towel racks and hooks, good toiletries, really nice.

a bathroom sink with two mirrors

Toiletries are provided by Lanovera. They are nice to use and provide very good soap.

a group of white tubes on a tray next to a soap dish

A nice three quarter sized bath. I did use it on my stay and it was a lovely soak.

The separate shower with great tiles and fixtures.

a white bathtub with silver faucets a shower with a glass door

Of course sometimes your view is not great. I normally ask for a high room as I am happy to exchange the busy elevators that high floors give for the view I will have.

a rooftop with a city skyline in the background


Some of the other areas:

Here is an area in the hallway outside the elevator. Very elegant decorations and a lovely bench for sitting on.

a bench next to a lamp

This is the piano bar in the lobby. Lovely music but rather drowned out by the amount of people passing all the time and the noise from the casino just on the other side.

a woman sitting at a piano in a room with many chairs

One of the coffee shops available.

a group of people standing around a counter in a restaurant

This is the spa and salon available in the hotel. Treatment by Kalologie Medispa.

a blue doors in a building

Seeing that I was there at the end of winter this was the time the hotel uses to refurbish the pools to prepare for spring and summer.

There are many ballrooms available for use at the Bellagio. There are always different events happening here.

a courtyard with plants and trees a sign in a hotel

Here is a scene from one of the events in a ballroom.

a room with tables and chairs

And then here are pictures of the garden with the display celebrating the launch of the Year of the Dragon.

a statue of a dragon in a garden

This is the behind the scenes Wellness center for the employees. Seeing as someone is on duty 24 hours a day at the hotel it is appropriate that the center is open 24 hours.

a door to a gym

This is the killer view outside the hotel. If you have a room in front of the hotel you have this view all the time as well as seeing the fountain display every 30 or 60 minutes.

a large tower in the city



The Bellagio is a great luxury hotel to stay in when you visit Las Vegas. I still prefer the Wynn but I think the Bellagio is a perfect place to stay on your visit.