As we close in on the 5th anniversary of 9/11, and travelers part ways with their water bottles, I thought a quick post on security was due.

I could fill a small book with my opinions on this subject, so this is merely a quick blurb on my state of mind right now when it comes to this subject.

Has security improved since 9/11? YES! Is that improvement the result of the Transportation Security Administration’s ability to confiscate your nail files? NO! Call me crazy, but one of the best things we’ve done for security is develop an awareness that there are very bad people in this world who want to kill us. Blunt, I know, but true. I think many travelers have become complacent in the years since 9/11. I hope the events of the past week will serve as a wake up call. Those bad people are still out there, and we need to remain vigilant.

I’ll save my rants about the bureaucratic morass that is the Transportation Security Administration for another post….or perhaps that small book I was talking about!