I posted just over a week ago that I had attained Platinum Medallion status with Delta SkyMiles. Since then, I’ve taken four flights, and here are the results.

  • Upgrade rate – 100 percent. Two cleared at the window, and two at the gate.
  • Checked a bag for one flight because I was delivering something that needed to be checked. First bag on the carousel was mine, and was coming around just as I arrived at baggage claim.
  • The two agent interactions I have had, I have been specifically thanked for my loyalty and for being a Platinum Medallion.

Given that my flights surrounded the Labor Day holiday, I’m not so sure my upgrade percentages represent a trend. For example, my upcoming flights this week have yet to clear. Tuesday looks pretty good, but Thursday evening, not so hot. We will see. So far, Platinum Medallion feels just about right for this Atlanta-based flyer.

-MJ, September 8, 2013