Hello again from Majesty of the Seas. We arrived Miami this morning, and unlike most disembarkation days, we don’t have to leave. We are about to begin the second leg of 2 back to back cruises, the 3-night Bahamas followed by the 4-night Bahamas and Key West cruise. Life is good. If you’ve ever wondered how they handle the day back in the originating port, I can say it was a snap here in Miami. We received our room keys for the next cruise last night along with instructions to meet in the Library at 9:30am, where we would be escorted through immigration formalities.

At the appointed time, a ship staffer arrived and apologized that we would need to wait just a little longer as everyone was not yet off the ship. One opportunity our wait afforded me was the chance to watch all the disembarkation drama some travelers bring upon themselves, but that’s a story for another day. Finally, at nearly 10am, some disheveled looking guy wearing his sunglasses and a baseball cap turned backwards appeared from the stairs and made his way off the ship. And with that, we were finally cleared to go ourselves. We were escorted through to immigration, handed in our paperwork, and were immediately escorted right back onto the ship. I’m not sure the immigration guy even looked at my flattering passport picture. Ha! Mrs MJ on Travel are camped out by the pool now, which we have completely to ourselves! I did notice that there are already some embarking guests camped out inside the terminal waiting to board.

All in all, I couldn’t imagine a simpler process. One thing that would’ve made it easier would have been to book the same stateroom for both cruises. Word to the wise, but it wasn’t an option for us this time. Other than that, it’s been great. Royal Caribbean managed the process very well, and I’m looking forward to our next “B2B” on Allure of the Seas in just over a month!!