It still fascinates me the number of varieties of Kit-Kat you can find in Tokyo. All number of chocolate types as well as exotic fruits and many teas, so many very interesting flavors.

So with a bag full of lovely varieties I headed to gate 43 for the flight to Toronto.

a sign in a building

The flight from Tokyo:

We flew on Air Canada flight AC 10  in the lovely 787-900 from Tokyo to Toronto.  


a row of seats with monitors on the back

The seats are 3x3x3 so it is very comfortable with me sitting in the middle and my wife on the aisle. It means I have 2 means of access to the aisle, so I choose my movements depending on who stands up during the flight. Nice flexibility. The overhead bins are designed so that they fold up when they are closed and that provides a lot of head space. In the picture you can see the central bins are even higher than the personnel.

The safety features:

The safety card has been mishandled by previous passengers but I could still read all the instructions.

a sign with instructions on it a poster of an airplane

The Air Canada safety video has interesting shots of air crew and the public at various places around Canada. It is unusual but effective.

a group of people standing on a rock

Seats out in the countryside explaining on board procedures. Clever and watchable.

a person sitting on a chair

a screen shot of a plane

Takeoff and meals:

We took off at about 6PM so there was a comfortable time for drinks before dinner was served.

The menu described the meals for the trip.

a menu with text on it a menu with text on it a red square with white text

It was a very enjoyable meal. Macaroni and bean salad was delicious, and the Yam Soba noodles were very interesting and tasty.

a tray of food on a tray


I had the chicken with Nanban sauce and white rice with broccoli. It is always a delight to try different meals on international flights. On the menu there is always something I have never had before so I will always make that selection. It was a surprisingly delightful meal, all of the items and flavors were lovely.

a bottle of wine next to a plastic container

I had a lovely wine during the meal and then asked if they had Baileys as an after meal drink. The stewardess had none but said she would look around the plane. She came back with one bottle saying I was special as this was the last one on the plane. I did enjoy it even more because of  that.

All in all a really lovely meal experience.


The night flight:

Below is the map with the original flight path but as a result of present political activities we took a wide berth past the Russian mainland and islands.

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This flight was about 11 hours so it worked perfectly taking off early in the evening. Then we had a gap to dinner,  then we ate and drank and at about 10 pm we were ready for sleep.

Next day  you wake up, you have breakfast and then you land. The perfectly timed package.


My overall feelings:

I love flying and I love international flying even more. This was a wonderful flight from one interesting city to another.

I had the chance to try some new foodstuffs which were very tasty, the service was kind and caring, it was a great experience.