Dear Friends,

Before starting to publish opinions, flight reports, industry trends and general aviation topics with you, I wanted to give you a short introduction so you can know a bit more about myself and my background.

As the title of my blog states ”The Executive Pilot”, I am first of all indeed an airline pilot. Graduated in 2001 as a Commercial Pilot in Florida I earned my first flying experience aboard a Boeing 737-200 in Peru back in 2002. The first airline that took me for training was the now defunct carrier AeroContinente (N6/ACQ). After that enriching experience and having the joy of flying the 737 Classic, I was invited to join as a First Officer with LANPeru (now LATAM Peru) on the A-320 Fleetnow that was a massive change! From clocks and old style flight deck to the most modern and clean cockpit of the time the smell of a new aircraft! I gained experience with LanPeru for a year flying domestic Peru and some short Andean destinations.

One of the best experiences I had in my aviation career  was flying TACA Peru (TPU) now known as Avianca Peru. As many of you know TACA used to operate a dedicated fleet of Airbus aircraft from the A319 all the way to the ”mini heavy” A321. In TACA, I operated a diverse route network in the three Americas.  With the expansion of the merger with Avianca , the network increased  stronly in the Caribbean and some secondary destinations such as Porto Alegre, Montevideo, Mendoza among others. After five years with TACA, I made my way for a year to travel the world.Packed with adventure and energy I took off to Europe, Asia and Australia. After a year of rest, I passed the interview with Emirates Airline in Dubai, where I gained experience flying the widebody Airbus A330 for three years before starting a new adventure. Nowadays, I am based in Europe studying for a Master’s Degree and dedicated to this new and amazing challenge to be part of TravelUpdate.

I have (after leaving the flight decks) started to enjoy  flying as a passenger, generally in First and Business Class in every airline alliance today. I have a different perspective from the non-operational side of aviation and I am able to spot quality in service on different carriers, the new trends in airport comfort, safety and efficiency that is much demanded by the general public today.

I invite you to keep connected  via TravelUpdate, Twitter (GiancarloA330)  or Facebook ( All your feedback, comments or questions will be greatly appreciated.


The Executive Pilot.