Do you care if your hotel offers you a print newspaper anymore, whether at your door or in a public space? If you receive one, do you take it with you?

I’m raising this issue again in light of the comments on last week’s story about how the Park Hyatt hotel on West 57th Street in New York opened with a digital-era perk: Guests receive free digital access to newspapers and magazines via an app called PressReader. When I posed the question about where you stand on the digital-vs.-print question, the two people who replied essentially said: Bring on the digital! See their replies below:

Reader Scottrick:

“(The digital app) was easy enough to use at the Andaz Maui and Hyatt Regency Waikiki last year, but I have my own subscriptions so it wasn’t really necessary. I prefer paper when it’s available, but I don’t think every guest needs their own copy. I think the real waste of paper is when hotels deliver a paper to every room without asking a guest if they want it.”

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Reader disqust101:

“Give me digital every time. I hate print – messy, slow to navigate and full of stuff I’m not interested in. Good riddance. And the massive waste of paper is ridiculous.”

Readers: Do you see print newspapers in hotels a perk of the past because it wastes paper – or for another reason?