Australia’s Qantas currently operates services to Norfolk Island, located in the Pacific Ocean. I had booked business class tickets using British Airways Executive Club Avios points, which made the flights quite good value.

Doing it this way cost 17,600 points and €351.48 (around A$500) per person return in business class. By comparison, purchasing a ticket online with cash would have been A$1,600 return (€1,106, £938, US$1,108), so using points delivers a great saving. It was even cheaper than economy class, which was A$800 return.


The airport terminal on Norfolk Island is rather small, featuring a check-in area and a landside waiting room which anyone can access. Shuttles from the hotels arrive around the same time, which is approximately two and a half hours before flight time.

After a little bit, an extra queue for business class passengers opened, so we joined that. After checking in, we waited landside until eventually security was opened. Past that is the waiting area with two gates and shortly we were called to board.

QF180 – Norfolk Island to Sydney (NLK-SYD)
11 July 2022
Boeing 737-838 – VH-XZH – McLaren Vale
Seat: Business Class 1A
Departure: 15:10 Arrival: 17:00

Once again we settled into row one on the Boeing 737, just like on our flight to the island. Boarding proceeded at a fair pace, while we relaxed in our seats.

Time to Leave Norfolk Island

Seats in business class are arranged in pairs over three rows for a total of 12 seats. They are comfortable, spacious and feature inflight entertainment screens and foot rests.

Soon enough boarding was complete and the video safety demonstration was played. Those of us in row one were not permitted to get our screens out for it, so we got to hear it and watch the crew. Being the only plane on the ground meant we took to the air without delay once that was done.

Toilets and Entertainment

When the seatbelt sign went off, I decided to visit the bathroom before the inevitable stampede. Located right beside the cockpit door on the left hand side, it was easy to find.

As I was the first to use it on this flight, all was spic and span. Once done, I returned to my seat and checked out the entertainment options. Nothing really tickled my fancy so I switched on the map to follow our progress to Sydney.

Qantas Business Class Lunch

On our previous flight from Sydney to Norfolk Island, we had received a refreshment service, which was just passable. This time it was announced we would be getting lunch and the choices were essentially chicken or beef. As usual this came with a slice of bread and a Lindt chocolate for dessert. I had a Grant Burge sparkling wine with mine, which I found to be pretty bad.

My Mum, not a regular flyer by any means, remarked that this meal was much better than the one on our previous flight. It most certainly was, being proper food, well presented and delicious. I still think people flying Qantas are being ripped off, since there is no starter and no dessert. For the cash prices being charged, it’s just not good enough.

A Spectacular Sydney Arrival

For some reason, we really lucked out with the arrival. First we flew towards the north up the coast, passing both Sydney Airport and the city, with great views of both.

A left turn took us right back around to pass the harbour city from the other direction. Those of us on the left hand side of the aircraft received some real eye candy here. You can see the latter half of this in a video I took of a Sydney landing back in 2017.

Overall Thoughts

Qantas business class from Norfolk Island to Sydney is a very relaxing way to travel. The oneworld alliance airline has comfortable seats, decent inflight entertainment considering the short sector, good quality food and pleasant crew.

The meal service on board could be better, as getting one dish, a slice of bread and a tiny chocolate does not pass muster when you consider the eye watering prices they charge. There should be a separate starter course and a proper dessert served.

Have you flown Qantas business class domestically before? What do you think of it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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