I was flying out of Honolulu just last week, and had some time to spare before my Inter-Island connector to Maui. Honolulu has two priority pass lounges, the IASS lounge and the Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge. Having visited the Plumeria Lounge before, and the fact that the IASS lounge is closed (and had much worse reviews), I decided to visit the Plumeria Lounge again!


The Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge at Honolulu Airport is located at Terminal 1. It’s a floor above the main departure floor, next to the inter-terminal shuttle bus stop. Currently, hours are 8am-6pm​​ daily.

You can gain access to the Plumeria Lounge at Honolulu Airport specifically with:

  • Business Class guests departing Honolulu to an international destination
  • Priority Pass Membership (which is how I gained access for me and 2 guests)
  • Or, the Plumeria Lounge Day Pass can be purchased at the lounge through an agent- $40 for a general passenger.

My Experience:

I visited at 9am on a Thursday, and there was not a waitlist yet, but the lounge was at full occupancy. The tables were more spaced out than my previous visit, to adapt to the current COVID environment. The lounge was very clean which I liked, and the food options were similar to the pre pandemic levels.

Plumeria Lounge at Honolulu

Plumeria Lounge at Honolulu

There were prepackaged chips, fruit snacks and the Hawaiian airlines signature Pau Hana snack mix.

For sandwiches, they had an individually wrapped Mushroom and Onion Slider, as well as a chicken/Turkey sandwich option. They even have instant ramen which I think is a nice touch (and low cost for them to provide too).

The only thing missing from my visit back in 2019 was Hawaiian Cookie Company cookies. I missed those!

Plumeria Lounge at Honolulu

Drinks included soft drinks and even wine and beer. Coffee and tea was available as well.

Plumeria Lounge at Honolulu

The food setup was much better than the Hawaiian Airlines Premier Club in Maui. The Hawaiian’s Premier Club’s grants access to those flying domestic first, but the Plumeria Lounge is targeted for Hawaiian’s international business class passengers, so the Plumeria Lounge is treated as a more premium lounge offering for Hawaiian Airlines. 

The lounge also has its own bathroom, which is nice to be able to lounge and not have to use the airport restrooms.

The Verdict:

Overall, for a domestic Priority Pass lounge, I truly enjoy the Honolulu airport Plumeria Lounge. I will definitely visit this lounge when I’m passing through Honolulu.


Have you visited the Plumeria Lounge at Honolulu Airport before? What were your thoughts?


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