The jetBlue American Airlines alliance:

I had to fly the jetBlue A220 from Austin to Boston as it was the only suitable direct flight. This was via the subtle codeshare that jetBlue has with American that the courts have now said ‘violates antitrust law”. The US district judge said “they carved up Northeast markets between them, “replacing full-throated competition with broad cooperation.”

Below please find a link to when they announced the partnership in 2020 and the court decision from May 2023.


jetBlue departure gate

I benefitted from their co-operation this time but once the appeals are over it seems I won’t be able to do that again.

The flight on jetBlue:

The flight was scheduled for 12h30, was delayed to 12h35, then 13h20 and eventually took off at about 13h50. There was never any official reason for the delay. We were only told that ‘maintenance’ was busy and once they had signed it off we would be on our way.

I haven’t flown jetBlue in years, I used to fly it regularly from New York to Burbank about 10 years ago but since jetBlue does not fly to DFW I haven’t had the chance since. I wrote earlier about flying the 37 minutes to Austin rather than driving. Unluckily I didn’t have the chance to test the return leg as I had to go on to Boston from Austin.

The jetBlue staff were really nice, it was noticeably different to the American staff that I had encountered on my first flight. Heather, a young blonde lady at check-in was very helpful in advising me on rearranging my baggage to fulfill weight requirements.

This flight was on the A220 which I don’t remember having flown in before. It seems a really nice plane. Overhead bins are newer and bigger, seats are spacious, tv screens are great. All-in-all a really pleasant flight.

Door to aircraft with connection details prominent

Going on board:

The entrance to the plane gave an indication of the pleasures on board. Fly-Fi connected by Viasat was the advert on the side of the plane. And so well connected the jetBlue plane was.

Live tv, movies, series, wi-fi. All were easily accessible on board. It is really cool to be able to watch a live NBA game and then watch an Oscar winning movie on the same flight.


On board entertainment system

I always love sitting in front of the engine, this is a great sight.

The seat was spacious, I am tall and I had more than enough leg room.

On board snacks and drinks:

On board menu

Salad, sandwich, cheese plate and croissant. Those were the main choices available on the flight. I had the artisan cheese plate. Cheese and crackers are one of my secret delights. Charcuterie boards and cheese boards. I will always try them in hotels and any other place I see them. They are unluckily of such varied quality, I once had a charcuterie board at a Westin in Boston that made me think they had used their leftover cheeses and meats, strange odors and stale meat. But I digress ..

Cheddar, gouda, dill, havarti, brie. All were tasty and the apricot and dates complemented them well.

There are chips, crackers, cookies and pretzels for snacks, and a variety of sodas and hot drinks for free, and then alcohol for a charge.

They even have a head pillow, earbuds and a blanket that you can buy on board. Overall a nice variety of items available.

Rest room:

Seems a standard rest room, a nice folding down table if you need to change your babies diaper. Appropriate tissues and soap available. Very neat and tidy.

Fold down table

Soap and basin

Seating is the unusual 2 + 3 with no business class. Overhead bins were large and folded up when closed giving a bit of extra headroom.

On board safety:

The safety card for the A220 was clear and easy to understand.

jetBlue A220

safety card

I took special interest seeing as it was my first time on board an A 220. All doors have floats and life rafts if we land in water. Nice to know.

Arriving in Boston:

So after the delays before take-off we landed in Boston almost an hour late.

jetBlue A220

jetBlue A220

No problem getting my baggage and then it was off to Avis for my rental.

jetBlue was great !

My conclusion of this flight is – I really hope jetBlue and American Airlines win the court battle. I would love the opportunity to fly codeshare again as this jetBlue A220 from Austin to Boston was one my favorite domestic flights in the USA.