Brits Who Travel Abroad During UK’s Lockdown Restrictions Could Face a $7,000 Fine – Travel + Leisure

This, and the other fines being levied, makes me very glad I don’t live in the UK. And it’s the worst way to go about things, in my opinion.

As The Boarding Doors To Travel Open Prepare For A Turbulent Ride! – Miles to Memories

Between the rental car woes and the unpredictable nature of travel right now, the next few months could be interesting for travelers. Mark also reiterates how painful booking through a travel portal can be.

Why Long Haul Low Cost Carriers Fail – View from the Wing

This is a great short read. Gary makes some good points. Intuitively, it makes sense that flying low-cost on long-haul routes is a difficult proposition, but this highlights some of the actual reasons why.

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