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This HappyFlyer is a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast with a passion for travel. She will be writing about her interest in travel gadgets and sharing her best travel tips and unique perspective on travel and other experiences.

Riding on Japan’s High Speed Bullet Train, the Shinkansen!

When I was planning the trip to Japan, one of the things I was most looking forward to was trying out the high speed “bullet” train (the Shinkansen!) In fact, the day of the ride, I was snapping so many pictures out of excitement near the train platform that I wondered if the kind folks in Japan thought, “Wow, has she never seen a train before?” To be fair, I was equally as excited when I took the high-speed Eurostar a few years back… I got the Japan Rail Pass prior to arrival to Japan (more on this in...

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What To Do if You’ve Lost Your Global Entry Card

Lost Your Global Entry Card? If you’ve lost your Global Entry Card for the Trusted Traveler Program, don’t fret.  Unfortunately, I had the experience of losing my Global Entry card on my recent travel. And I fretted. I really hate losing stuff, especially an ID that contains my name, picture, and DOB info. The card had less than 3 years under its belt. Where I Think I Lost My card I last remembered putting it inside my passport, but it must have fallen out during the shuffles of getting my passport in and out at the airport. It was...

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Hotel Review: Intercontinental Fuzhou

I recently visited China for the first time.  In particular, I visited two areas: Beijing and Fuzhou.  Fuzhou is one of the largest cities in the Fujian province.  Compared to well known cities in China such as Beijing and Shanghai, Fuzhou is not exactly a touristy destination. As a result, I find that detailed reviews of the Intercontinental Fuzhou are few and far between. I ended up booking 2 rooms at the hotel for our stay, based on the generally positive reviews, its rating as the #1 hotel in Fuzhou on Tripadvisor, and on the strength of the Intercontinental...

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5 Things I Learned on a Cruise to Nowhere

THE PROMISE OF A FIRST CRUISE It’s a bit ironic, but my first cruise was a cruise to nowhere. I certainly didn’t plan it that way; it just ended up being that way. Truth be told, I am not particularly keen on cruising, but I’ve heard a lot of great things from family and friends. I thought, “Why not? Let’s give it a shot.” It didn’t take me long to decide on a Caribbean cruise. Popular destination. Easy flight into Fort Lauderdale. Affordable. I opted for the shortest 3-days cruise just in case cruising wasn’t for me, and I...

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Do You Check for Bed Bugs in Hotels?

I don’t like bugs, and by that, I mean all kinds of bugs. Bugs give me the creeps, even the supposedly cutesy kind like the ladybug.  Irrational or not, I suspect I have some sort of phobia around bugs and insects.  So when I travel, I’d prefer not to see them, least of all in the hotel room.  I am grateful that I have yet to encounter a bed bug scenario in my travels. A Close Encounter? Earlier this year, I stayed at a large chain hotel on the outskirts of New York, which will remain unnamed.  My Dad,...

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3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy an Apple iPad

  Is Apple’s iPad still a good investment? The other day, someone asked me if it’s a good idea to invest in an Apple iPad for travel. I unequivocally answered no. Let me be the first to say that I am a fan of most Apple products. The Macbook? A solid product. The iPhone? Incredible if you think about the evolution of phones.  Apple Watch?  Ok, maybe not so much that one… As for the iPad, I’m actually one of the early adopters. I purchased the 1st generation of iPad Wifi + 3G when it first came out. There were...

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Everything You Need to Know about Travel Tours (Part 3)

This is Part 3 of 3 in the Everything You Need to Know About Travel Tours series. Part 1 started off with an introduction to travel tours. Part 2 elaborated on what to look for in a tour. In this post,  I will cover where I go to book tours and walk through a practical example for an upcoming trip.  (Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links from an affiliate marketing network, which means I may receive a small commission if you purchase using the links. )   Where to Book Tours? I book most of my tours through (subsidiary of TripAdvisor)...

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My Experience Booking a Hotel with Citi’s Prestige 4th Night Free Option

For cardholders of the Citi Prestige, one of the great perks of the card is the 4th night free benefit. The short version  is that Citi would reimburse you for the 4th night if you book 4 or more consecutive hotel nights through Citi’s Concierge Service. Others have done an excellent of summarizing the product, such as this resource from Frequent Flier: Complete Guide to Citi Prestige 4th Night Free. Since I haven’t used the 4th night free benefit, I want to share my experience using this benefit for the first time. Citi’s Concierge Booking Experience I called Citi’s...

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Which Travel Adapter is the Best for International Travel?

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you purchase using the links) I traveled quite a bit internationally in the last couple of years, and I often get asked what type of travel adapters I use when I am abroad.  I have no interest in buying a different travel adapter for each country, so I wanted a “all-in-one” solution.  Since it can be kind of dry to write about travel adapters, I’m going to review them from a first-person point of view. Kensington International All-in-One Travel Plug “Hey, I’m Kensington International All-in-One...

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Scammed! Chump Change for a Rainy Day Fund

I wrote this post after a rough day at work. I was quite disappointed in the events of the day, when I suddenly remembered a travel lesson I learned in Belgium. Let me backtrack a bit. I love chocolates. A few years ago, when the opportunity came up to travel to Brussels with my brother, I couldn’t pass up on that opportunity. It was clearly a match made in heaven, as Brussels is known as the Chocolate Capital of the World. We were only there for a few days, but we did a lot and even tried out a...

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