Max Prosperi

Max Prosperi is a business major based out of the Midwest. A college student stuck with the task of receiving an education, he still makes time to fly throughout the world. He’s learned how to maximize earning points and miles and travel cheaply even in premium cabins.

Experience Etihad’s a380 from Your Couch

“I flew from New York-JFK to Abu Dhabi alongside Nicole Kidman”–Well, Not Really…   I recently bought a Samsung VR (virtual reality) headset as an early birthday present from me to me.  In all honesty, I thought this would be something I would buy, mess around with for a few hours, and then return back to Best Buy the next day.  These new virtual reality headsets have been the talk of the consumer tech world for the last year or so.  VR headsets have been advertised to deliver a life-like experience so lifelike it’s almost like reality.  Hence the term, “virtual...

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St. Louis’ Second Airport (BLV-JAX on Allegiant)

St. Louis’ Second Airport; Mid-America BLV-JAX | Allegiant Air | Economy | June 2016 In the mid-1990s, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport was a bustling hub, thanks to Trans World Airlines.  Lambert Airport regularly recorded 20+ million passengers annually up until 2004 when American Airlines cut the majority of its remaining hub operations they inherited from TWA.  Now, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport sees a little less than 13 million annual passengers.  During Lambert Airport’s days as a major hub, terminal space was scarce and runway congestion was rampant.  Local officials looked for a solution to capacity issues and congestion concerns.  Projecting...

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American’s 757 in Business; San Juan to New York

American’s 757-200 in Business Class San Juan (SJU) to New York (JFK) | Trip Report | June 2016 What I thought was going to be a fairly routine and enjoyable trip turned out to be something much more complicated than I could have ever imagined.  From delays to diversions, I went through hell and back just to fly on an aircraft with a unique configuration.  Was it worth it? Of course. Originally, I planned on focusing on how I scored such an inexpensive premium class fare and of course, a full review of American Airlines’ internationally configured Boeing 757-200....

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The Perks of Alaska MVP on American Air

The Perks of Alaska MVP on American Airlines   The Perks of Alaska MVP are far more useful than one might think.  Yes, you get priority check-in, screening, boarding, free checked bags and bonus miles while traveling on Alaska Airlines.  Not only do these benefits apply while traveling on Alaska Air; they also apply when traveling on American Airlines.  Almost every single benefit that comes with being MVP at Alaska Air carries over to American Airlines.  This includes priority access, free checked bags, and access to preferred seating. Unfortunately, the extent of these partnerships benefits can often be lost...

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Should You Get Your Kid a Credit Card?

In a world dominated by chips, magnetic strips and plastic rectangles, it’s easy to take the convenience and security that comes with credit cards for granted.  Personally, I have not taken that convenience and security for granted.  I’m on a tight leash when it comes to my use of my credit cards.  If I lose them, I’m not allowed to get a replacement.  Similarly, if I abuse the generous spending limits, the cards will be shredded, burned, and the remaining ash will be dumped into the Mississippi River.  Of course, there were additional terms and conditions that came when I...

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Up to 60% Bonus on Virgin America Elevate Points

Now through June 24th, Virgin America is featuring a fantastic promo.  When you purchase 1,500 to 4,500 Elevate points, you’ll receive a 30% bonus.  However, if you purchase 5,000 or more Elevate points, you’ll receive an extra 60% bonus.  For example, if you purchase 2,000 points, Virgin America will kick in 600 more points.  This means that for $104.00, you’ll receive 2,600 Elevate points.     To put this promo into perspective, the introductory amount needed to redeem points for flights is only 2,500 points.  Taking advantage of this promo, you are able to buy enough points for a one-way redemption...

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Aloft Las Colinas Reviewed

Introduction Though some might refer to them as “Motel 6s for hipsters and yuppies”, I see Aloft Hotels as the most efficient airport hotel in the market.  Not only are Aloft Hotels typically practical, but they’re also modern, clean, comfortable, and are home to some of the nicest people in the SPG Hotel network.  I’ve stayed at well over ten Aloft properties at this point and I yet to find a bad egg.  When I discovered that I would have to spend a night near DFW, I immediately booked a room at the aLoft in Las Colinas.   The...

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Review Alaska Airlines E175 First Class

There are very few North American airlines I haven’t completed at least one flight with.  Up until a few weeks ago, Alaska Airlines was one of these airlines.  It wasn’t anything against Alaska Airlines personally.  I mean, their onboard service is fair, the majority of their fleet is very young, and the employees at Alaska Air are notoriously nice and energetic.  I just didn’t have a reason nor did I have the motivation to spend a nice chunk of change to spend a few hours experiencing mundane service.  That was the case up until one of the last Saturdays...

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A Teenagers Loyalty Programs

Hello, I’m Max Prosperi.  I’m finishing up my junior year at a college preparatory high school in St. Louis, Missouri and I’m addicted to travel.  I’m sure my travel addiction was assumed being that I’m writing for the people who brought you Ben Schlappig and Boarding Area.  I’m not going to go into how my passion arose for aviation and travel mainly because I can’t articulate the depths and complexity of nearly 17 years.  What I can articulate is this; I despise the monotony of the high school routine and the mundaneness of the midwest.  Since I’ve had the means...

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