MJ on Travel

Marshall Jackson is an aviation enthusiast and avid cruiser. After 10 years in the airline business, Marshall moved on to a new career that includes plenty of travel and plenty of cruises, and that’s just the way he likes it.

A Word About Comair 5191

Another tragic accident that should not have happened. But as with others, the best we can hope for is to learn from the mistakes that led to it, and work tirelessly to prevent another. Having lost a very good friend and fellow...

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Trip Report – US Airways

As promised, I wanted to share some details of my US Airways flights over the weekend. Not only were these my first mainline US flights since the website and frequent flyer program merger, but this was also my first trip since...

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T Minus 4 Days and Counting….

…until my first flight under the new security rules. It will also be my first non-RJ flight on the “new” US Airways since the America West and US Airways frequent flyer programs and website have merged. So...

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The New Normal

“The New Normal” was a phrase that first appeared in the aftermath of 9/11. Or at least that’s the first time I remember hearing it. As we approach the one week mark of the latest version of Threat Level...

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Did You Really Have to Yell?

This may be a lengthy post. Let me begin by apologizing in advance if I sound lecturous, or as if I don’t understand the frustration of modern air travel. Trust me, I get it. Remember, I don’t work for an airline...

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A Quick Word on Travel Security

As we close in on the 5th anniversary of 9/11, and travelers part ways with their water bottles, I thought a quick post on security was due. I could fill a small book with my opinions on this subject, so this is merely a quick...

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