I consistently see mixed reviews when it comes to the effectiveness of the American Express Platinum Concierge, which comes as a complimentary benefit to Platinum cardholders. The Concierge is touted to be able to get reservations at booked restaurants, concerts, etc. A few weeks ago I decided to put the Concierge to the ultimate test.

Zahav is one of the best restaurants in the country. Chef and owner Michael Solomonov is a famed master at creating delicious Israeli-inspired dishes. Some of Solomonov’s other restaurants are Federal Donuts, Goldie, Dizengoff, and Rooster Soup Company (which donates 100% of profits to charity).


a table with food and drinks

I called Zahav a couple of weeks ago and asked when the next reservation is. I was STUNNED when the hostess told me June. Yes, JUNE. I couldn’t believe it. Then I thought, hell, I just paid $550 for a credit card so I might as well try to get some benefit from it.

I contacted my Concierge and put in my request to secure a table around Valentine’s Day. I was shocked:

a email with a message

After enjoying a delicious meal, I was brought the check. The waitress then handed me a box with a delicious gift courtesy of American Express thanking me for booking:

a group of jars of peanut butter on a table

For those that are wondering, tahini is a popular ingredient, made from ground sesame seeds, used in Israeli cuisine and is DELICIOUS.

Bottom Line

It’s extremely important that I point out the fact that Michael Solomonov caters the food at the Philadelphia airport Centurion Lounge. So there is no doubt a relationship between Solomonov and Amex. With that said, Zahav was not listed on Amex’s preferred restaurants so I felt it was worth the shot. I look forward to using the Concierge at an unaffiliated restaurant. I’ll report back!


Featured image courtesy of Philly.com