I think we have officially moved into the desperation phase when it comes to airlines. Ireland’s Aer Lingus is now offering kids tickets for a flat €9.99 across their entire European network.

This is extremely good value and will make travel for a family quite cheap. Frankly, I can’t remember having seen anything like this in the past, but not having children, it wouldn’t be something to stick in my mind.

Aer Lingus Kids Tickets

These tickets are available to book for 48 hours only, which means Wednesday 14 October and Thursday 15 October 2020. The price is a flat €9.99 each way for kids tickets, though it doesn’t say what constitutes a child.

Some investigation reveals that the eligible age for the tickets are those from 2-11. When you book, you need to include at least one adult and the web site will show the normal price for one adult. It then adds on the €9.99 for the kids.

For example, Dublin to London Heathrow will show €45.99 one way on screen. You click on it, then select Saver fare which is the same price, and when it totals up at the top, it will say €55.98. That’s the price for one adult (€45.99) and one child (€9.99).

It’s not particularly obvious that this is what is happening, but it works perfectly. The travel period is very short for this offer, being 12 April to 28 May 2021. You can book online at the Aer Lingus web site here.

Overall Thoughts

Aer Lingus offering kids tickets across the UK and European network is likely to be a bit of a winner. The airline is well known for their excellent treatment of families on board, so it’s sure to be a welcome move among that segment.

With the pandemic continuing to bite travel harder and harder, let’s hope that bookings are generated from this. One would expect that by April 2021 we will be able to fly again… maybe!

Will you be booking one of these kids tickets or not a hope? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Aer Lingus.