I had forgotten how humane train travel can be. In fact, not sure why I don’t do this more often. I would argue that for certain distances, train journeys are actually shorter, if you account for check-in/security/gate procedures at airports. This revelation was thanks to a recent ride on Canada’s VIA Rail from Ottawa to Montreal, in Comfort Class (Economy).

VIA Rail Comfort Class Review – Ottawa to Montreal (YUL)

Origin: Ottawa Train Station
Destination: Dorval Train station (YUL)
Trip Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes
Price: $51.00 (one-way, tax incl.)
Seat: 4A

I was able to book my trip one week out, and managed to snag an Economy-Escape fare (lowest). VIA’s economy class service is called ‘Comfort Class’.

VIA Rail Comfort Class Review

Economy Fare: Ottawa – Dorval (YUL)

Ottawa train station is a short cab ride from downtown Ottawa and easy to navigate. I arrived at the station at 9:45am (30 mins prior to departure) and walked into the main terminal building, the customer service desk was right across and hard to miss. Self Service kiosks were also available (left of main desk) to print/check-in tickets.

VIA Rail Comfort Class Review

Ottawa Train Station – Main terminal; Photo by: James Milks (Google Maps)

Because I don’t do this often, wanted to have the novelty of a printed ticket, so I presented myself at the main desk  with an ID. Canadian smile, Canadian warmth, Canadian humour and voila my ticket was ready 🙂

VIA Rail Comfort Class Review

Ticket in tow, I joined the lineup of passengers waiting to board the train or in this case enter the platform. The line-up was in the main building. Exactly at 10:00am, the lineup started moving, a VIA employee scanning our boarding passes as we walked onto the platform. The train was already at the platform with several VIA employees to direct passengers to the right cabin car and their seats. I was in cabin car 4, seat 4A (window).

I boarded the train to an empty cabin car. Seat 4A was first up to my left, a single forward facing seat.

VIA Rail Comfort Class Review


VIA Rail Comfort Class Review

Perfect setup for a business meeting


VIA Rail Comfort Class Review

My Seat – Car 4, Seat 4A


The cabin car was clean and the seats comfortable. But the seat upholstery was starting to show it’s age and appeared discolored, especially around the head rest. As I settled into my seat, the car attendant came by for another check of the tickets and confirm our destination. Since my seat was near the emergency exit, I got a quick instruction on the setup and we were on our way. The train departed Ottawa station at 10:20am, a couple minutes past the scheduled time.

My seat table was equipped with the VIA magazine and economy class food & beverage menu. The selection of snacks, drinks and meals looked pretty impressive. Within 15-20 minutes into our journey, the attendant was out with the food trolley, items out on display.

VIA Rail Comfort Class Review

A quick browse and I decided to purchase a coffee and Montreal Bagel with cream cheese, which priced out to $6.25 CAD. The food items came in clean and neat packaging. Each seat was also equipped with a personal garbage bag, placed under the table.

VIA Rail Comfort Class Review


I was pleased to learn that they accept American Express as a form of payment. My joy turned into amusement when the attendant whipped out a credit card imprinter (!!), to process my payment. For young readers that have no idea what I am talking about, please google 🙂

VIA Rail Comfort Class Review

The credit card invoice was a nice throwback to simpler times.  Much like my train ride to Montreal, the hour and half slipped by between gazing out the window, enjoying rural Canada and getting work done on free WiFi, which was steady and strong enough to stream videos.

Once at Dorval station, there were clear signs directing passengers to the complimentary shuttle for Montreal International Airport (YUL). If you don’t see the shuttle parked, you can call the driver using the free phone service at the station. The pickup otherwise is every 20 minutes. The shuttle ride was under 10 minutes, convenient and a comfortable way to get to the right airport terminal.

Take Away

Not sure why train travel does not get as much coverage amongst bloggers. Train travel continues to be civil and now maybe my preferred mode of transport within certain distance radius. This was my first train ride in many a years and I quite enjoyed it.

Have you taken the VIA trains in Canada, share your experience with a comment below.


Title Image Source: VIA Rail Canada