In a couple of days, March 1st,  Hyatt status and benefits will be refreshed for 2018 year. If you haven’t met your 2018 status requirements, this easy trick can help you extend World of Hyatt status until Feb 2019 through a Hyatt status match to Explorist level!

Hyatt Status Match (reverse)

M life Rewards is the rewards program for MGM Resorts and comes with tiered benefits. Hyatt Elite members can match their status to M life Rewards through their Hyatt accounts.

  1. If you haven’t already, this step MUST BE DONE TODAY. Match your current Hyatt status with M life, here is the direct link . When you click on ‘Opt In’ it will take you to the Mlife Rewards page where you can create a new account, if needed. The new M life status can take up to 24 hours to reflect the match.

    Hyatt status match

    Status Match: Hyatt to M life

  2. Once the new status on M life Rewards account is active, you can reverse match that status with Hyatt, and extend Explorist status until Feb 2019! This can be done right away. Link to match M life status with Hyatt  (log into M life Rewards in a separate tab BEFORE clicking on the link). Ignore the error message, logout and back. Your Hyatt account should now reflect valid through Feb 2019. 4 new club access awards should be added along with a confirmation email about extended status with Hyatt.
    Hyatt status match

    Extended Explorist Status, valid through Feb 2019


    Hyatt status match

    4 new Club Access Award, valid until Feb 25, 2019


    Hyatt status match

    Email confirmation of status extension until Feb 2019


Take Away

Note, this trick will only match up to Explorist level. M life Gold tier is the highest level achieved through Hyatt match and Explorist is the highest Hyatt status through reverse matching. The reverse matching from M life Rewards is at the mercy of Hyatt and can be shut down anytime, so act quick if you value Explorist status with Hyatt.

Hat Tip: Nick Reyes of frequentmiler