UAE cabinet has approved a simplified visa process that allows Indian passport holders with an American Visa or Green Card to obtain a UAE visa on arrival – according to Emirates News Agency (WAM). This is huge breakthrough for Indian passport holders around the world, that transit or plan to visit UAE.

UAE visa on arrival for Indian passport holders

  • Indian passport holders MUST have a valid US visa or a green card, with minimum six month validity,  to be eligible.
  • The UAE visa on arrival will be valid for 14 days with single extension possible (fee associated with extension)

India is UAE’s second largest trade partner while UAE is India’s fifth biggest oil supplier. The simplified visa process will further bolster the economic and trade relations between the countries.  Currently, there are ~140 daily flights scheduled between several cities in UAE and India.

According to Global Passport power rank, Indian passport ranks 166th out of 199, offering 22 Visa-free countries and 26 Visa on arrival.

UAE visa on arrival

India Passport score

Here’s a handy list of countries that offer Visa free/on Arrival for Indian passport holders, via

Asia Africa South America North America Oceania Europe
Thailand Mauritius Ecuador British Virgin Islands Cook Islands All European countries need pre-approved visa.
Bhutan Seychelles Dominica Haiti El Salvador
Cambodia Togo Bolivia St Lucia Fiji
Maldives Kenya Guyana Jamaica Micronesia
Macau Tanzania Saint Kitts and Nevis Vanuatu
Indonesia Ethiopia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Samoa
Iraq Madagascar Grenada Tuvalu
Nepal Mozambique Trinidad & Tobago Nieu
Laos Uganda Montserrat Palau
Jordan Guinea-Bissau Nicaragua
Timor Leste Cape Verde Turks & Caicos
Comoros Islands

Take Away

This is welcome news for several citizens of India that live overseas and hold a valid US visa or a green card. It will mitigate the need to arrange a visa in advance, that can cost ~$150 USD.

As a Canadian resident with an Indian passport (and a 10 year US visa), UAE visa on arrival is music to my ears!!