Alaska Airlines’ exclusive limited inventory promotion of 15,000 miles at 30% discount, is still available. This promotion was limited to first 2000 users only. The deadline is October 24th, so grab it while you still can. The Alaska miles 30% discount brings the cost of 15k miles down to $310.41 USD, a great value.

Alaska miles 30% discount

Alaska miles 30% discount

Image Source: Alaska Mileage Plan

15k Alaska miles for $310.41 USD accounts to a value of ~2.06cpm which I think is a great value. While 15K by itself is not enough for prime redemption, its a great opportunity to top-up your accounts to meet the next bid award thresh-hold.

Alaska miles are one of the most valuable airlines currency in the market and come with great airline partners and routing sweet spots – couple of examples;

  • Cathay Pacific from North America to Asia, oneway for 30K/35K/50K/70K across all cabins
  • KLM from North America to Middle East, oneway for 40K/70K across Econ and Business.

Alaska miles 30% discount on 15k miles is available until tomorrow – October 24th, 2017, but limited to 2000 users, you may need to act fast! As always, golden rule is to not purchase points unless you plan to use it within a calendar year.


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