Another week has gone by and it is time for me to summarize this week’s posts for those who have missed out. Links are provided to each one for curiosity.

This was an interesting week as the Fourth Quarter of 2019 began. I wrote one perspectives post, two news posts, and two posts that comprise the two sides of an argument.


Some Announcements

The Fourth Quarter of 2019 began on Tuesday, October 1. Remember to activate your rotating categories if you have a Chase Freedom, Discover It, US Bank Cash +, or another 5% rotating card.

Plus, a huge thank you to the readers for a huge September 2019! This was PYCR’s biggest month yet. I had two of the top 5 most popular posts on the entire Travel Update blog for September 2019.

This post is PYCR’s 200th post! Thank you again for staying posted and reading PYCR throughout the year!



Without further ado, here’s the weekly review:

Why You Should Earn Cash Back in Addition to Points and Miles

Monday’s post discussed why you should earn cash back in addition to points and miles. Cash back has a lot of advantages over certain points and miles, especially if you want flexibility. Travelers who have a lot of random and unusual travel expenses cannot always use points and miles.

Furthermore, those who want objectivity in terms of fixed value as well as beginners should collect cash back. Both groups could want cash rewards for different reasons. But those reasons harken back to its flexibility.


Amex Delta Cards Being Revamped in 2020

American Express and Delta recently extended their longtime partnership until 2029. As a result, some of the first changes came to the Delta credit cards in 2020. The two companies have been wanting to revamp their cards for years. But they finally announced the changes on Monday.

Some of the changes are for the better and others are for the worse. Mid-tier Delta Gold and Delta Platinum cardholders received the most changes. These changes are significant enough for cardholders to reconsider keeping or cancelling their cards.

Furthermore, the Delta Blue Card became a more viable downgrade option with no negative changes. And the Delta Reserve became closer in nature to the American Express Platinum Card with a matching annual fee to boot.


The Ameriprise Amex Platinum Card Is Not Accepting New Applicants

Wednesday’s post came as kind of a surprise to me late on Tuesday night. But at the same time, the Ameriprise Amex Platinum Card was bound to stop accepting new applicants given its recent devaluations. It was just a matter of time.

The Ameriprise Amex Platinum Card lost its special flavor advantage in February 2019. This was a huge devaluation that gave prospective cardholders no incentive to apply over the regular Platinum Card. Plus, the Ameriprise Amex Gold Card was discontinued in the same month. This is why Wednesday’s post was not a surprise to me after thinking about its recent history.


Why You Should NOT Collect Citi Thank You Points

Friday’s post discussed why you why you should not collect Citi Thank You Points. As with most credit and travel-related topics, your mileage may vary. This post explains why Thank You points are not the best transferrable points currency for certain travelers.

One reader left a comment on this post questioning me why I think Citi TY points are a bad deal. I responded to him that they could be a bad deal for the wrong person or groups of people. Mentioning those groups of people is the essence of this post.


Why You Should Collect Citi Thank You Points

Conversely, Saturday’s post was the counterargument for Friday’s post. It discusses why you should collect Citi Thank You Points. It also discusses who should collect them, responding to the previous post and the comment.


I hope that everyone has a great Sunday! Stay posted for more content next week!