Another week has gone by and it is time for me to summarize this week’s posts for those who have missed out. Links are provided to each one for curiosity.

This week was one of the best yet for PYCR. I wrote my most popular post (in terms of views) to date! And the points and miles world saw changes from American Express and some news from Discover. In total, I wrote two perspectives posts and two news posts this week. One of the news posts is also an “entertainment” post.

Without further ado, here’s the weekly review:


Why You Should Not Collect Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Monday’s post discussed why you should NOT collect Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) points. The great irony of this post is that it was written by someone who holds four Chase UR-earning cards. Just because UR points are my favorite transferrable currency does not make them the best for everyone. All types of credit card rewards have weaknesses and this post explains those weaknesses.

A huge thanks to everyone who has read and shared this post! And special thanks to Mark from Miles to Memories (H/T) who spotlighted this post in one of his “Around the Web” posts. This post became my most read post by far just 15 hours after posting.


Why You Should Collect Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Tuesday’s post was the less-popular counterpoint to the previous post. This post presented my argument for why you should collect Chase UR points. Most travelers who want some of the best cards in the industry should definitely consider Chase.


Changes Coming to the American Express Centurion Card

Thursday’s post was part news and part entertainment. American Express made some serious changes to the Centurion Card. Most people will not be invited to apply for the Centurion Card (AKA the Black Card). But contrary to popular belief, that’s a good thing. The Centurion Card has become an even more expensive version of the Platinum Card without that many additional perks.

Travelers who want the Centurion Card are better off with getting the Platinum Card plus one more premium card. The total annual fee would be around $1,000 (as opposed to $5,000 for the Centurion Card). Furthermore, you will be getting most (if not all) of the benefits from the Centurion Card.


Discover Announces 2020 Categories for the Discover It Card

Friday, November 1 was a huge day for Discover fans. That’s because Discover announced the 2020 Categories for the Discover It Card. They normally reveal the entire next year’s categories on November 1 of the year before. And this year was no different.

Plus, many of the categories were repeats of 2019. But that might not be a bad thing for some consumers. Nonetheless, the Discover It is a great card for beginners and experienced travelers who want to earn cash back on the side.


I hope that everyone has a great Sunday! Stay posted for more content next week!