Another week has gone by and its time for me to summarize this week’s posts for those who have missed out. Links are provided to each one for curiosity.

I only published three posts this week because I spent some significant time working to update previous posts. All previous posts are now more evergreen with new internal and external links. They have also been optimized to come up in search engines sooner.

Last week’s posts consisted of one explanation, some news, and a Card War.

Without further ado, here’s the weekly review:


Explanations: Transferrable Points And Partners

This post is supposed to be a beacon for those without a travel strategy. I analyzed the four major transferrable point issuers and noted whose points are best for different types of travel.

Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) points are best for hotel stays and domestic flights, but they are also nice for international flights.

American Express Membership Rewards (MR) points are the most versatile because they have the most partners. However, their partners are best for domestic and international flights. Hotel dwellers should look elsewhere.

Citi Thank You (TY) points and Capital One Miles are both great for international flights. Both issuers have no hotel partners and only one domestic airline partner each. However, Capital One Miles are subject to devaluing transfer ratios that make them less competitive with Citi and American Express.


Reminder: Register for Discover It 3rd Quarter Categories

Wednesday was the first day of May 2019. It was also the first day for Discover cardholders to register for next quarter’s categories. This post analyzes the categories and whether Discover cardholders should register or not.

Discover cardholders can still register until July 31.


Card Wars: American Express Blue Business Plus vs Everyday Card

Thursday’s post put two special American Express cards head to head. The Blue Business Plus and Everyday Cards are special because they can transfer points to partners without an annual fee. They are the only no annual fee transferrable points cards with this feature.

However, one of them is a flat rate business card and the other is a personal card with a unique earning structure. Check out this post to see which one is best for you.


I hope that everyone has a great Sunday! Stay posted for more content next week!