Another week has gone by and its time for me to summarize this week’s posts for those who have missed out. Links are provided to each one for curiosity.

Last week featured four different posts: a Card War, a Best Cards post, and two Chase-related posts.

Without further ado, here’s the weekly review:


Card Wars: American Express Business Cards

On Monday, I looked at the three most popular American Express business cards and determined which is best for different types of businesses. The Business Platinum, Business Gold, and Blue Business Plus cards are the three most lucrative and popular business cards from Amex. Therefore, they were the focus for this post.

Some businesses and entrepreneurs have at least two of the three cards and use them in tandem. The Business Gold and Blue Business Plus are some of the best earners in the industry. Conversely, the Business Platinum has more benefits than any other card.


Best Cards for Road Trips

Summer is coming soon, and many people love to take road trips instead of flying. This post highlights some of the best cards for hotel, gas, and entertainment purchases. These bonus categories are some of the most common expenses for road trips.


How Chase Can Improve the Sapphire Reserve

Some Chase critics have often talked about the Sapphire Reserve’s shortcomings. Others have written about how the card is not as competitive as it once was in the premium card market. This post is my response to those critics as I suggest ways that Chase can improve the Sapphire Reserve.

I first reviewed the current terms of the Sapphire Reserve. Then I thought of ways that Chase can improve on what they have and compete with other premium cards. Some of those ways include adding benefits and new bonus categories in which Chase does not compete very well.


Chase Card Application Rules

Friday was 5/24 Day. To celebrate, I looked at Chase’s card application rules. 5/24 was highlighted as were four lesser-known rules. Chase has some of the most valuable credit cards in the industry, especially for travelers. The bank’s executives are aware of this. Therefore, they implemented 5/24 and the other rules to reduce “churning” and other aggressive credit seeking behaviors.

The best way to circumvent the rules is to apply for Chase cards before others. Also, apply slowly and with a purpose. These tips will help you build a positive relationship with Chase and build your credit history as well.


I’m happy to say that the latter two posts were some of my most popular to date. They were two of the few that remained on Travel Update’s most popular post list for more than 24 hours. Thank you for reading! I hope that everyone has a great Sunday! Stay posted for more content next week!